UTI Mutual Fund launches UTI Power of Three

UTI Mutual Fund has launched UTI Power of Three which is a unique combination of three different equity funds that give you the balance of large cap, value and multi cap fund with a proven track record and trusted by millions of investors.

The three equity funds include UTI Mastershare Unit Scheme, UTI Value Opportunities Fund and UTI Equity Scheme is managed by the renowned fund managers Ms. Swati Kulkarni, Mr. Vetri Subramaniam and Mr. Ajay Tyagi, respectively.

The power of three helps to boost an individual’s equity portfolio investment and accelerate one’s wealth creation. It is a single application form, where an investor can choose to invest, either via Systematic Investment Plan or Lumpsum, in more than one scheme as depicted in the communication developed for UTI Power of Three.

Mutual Fund industry in the recent past perhaps has seen a sea change in the process of categorization and rationalization of its products to bring simplicity and uniformity in its product offering. With this initiative although the industry has witnessed some sort of turbulence, it is all set for the next leap of growth in the coming years. Similarly UTI Mutual Fund which has always believed in true to label products has utilized this opportunity to offer clear and distinct products. “UTI Power of Three” is an exercise where the impetus is on building one’s “CORE” equity portfolio employing 3 distinct investment styles. The three funds which the “UTI Power of Three” is focusing on is UTI Mastershare Unit Scheme, Large Cap Fund – An open ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stocks following the Growth at Reasonable Price (GARP) style of investment. Second fund is UTI Equity Fund, Multi Cap Fund – An open ended equity scheme investing across large cap, mid cap, small cap stocks which follows the “growth” style of investment and the third one is UTI Value Opportunities Fund, An open ended equity scheme following a value investment strategy. UTI believes that to have a well balanced portfolio, one should have all the 3 distinct investment styles, albeit the allocation would be dependent on the investor’s risk profile or preference.

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