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Practo’s healthcare service commitment to India’s lingual diversity


In a country with such diversity. Where the language changes every few kilometers. Just 10% of the population can understand English. 9 out of 10 new internet users in India are native language speakers. Breaking the language barrier has been the need of the hour for any pan-India business. And Practo is doing just that, breaking the barrier in patient-doctor communications. Practo is going in length and breadth to facilitate equitable and value-based healthcare. This is evident from the introduction of the vernacular language option for its teleconsultation service.

A win-win for the native speakers

The end-user will be benefited to choose a doctor who can speak their preferred language. With over 200 million unique users, Practo is removing the access barrier for its current and future users. Though the feature was taken up as a Pilot project last year with Hindi as the only option. But now this feature spans 15 languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali.

Online consultation in vernacular was conducted with Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada as the most preferred choice. Although the above choices accounted for a quarter of the online consultations made through Practo. Only a third of all vernacular consultations were from metro cities. And two-third of all the vernacular consults were aged above 60.

Commenting on the new initiative, Siddhartha Nihalani, VP – Product Growth, Practo, said, “With a single-minded focus on creating equitable access to quality healthcare, Practo has devoted the past 12 years to building products that suit the needs of a heterogeneous user base. This has given rise to new products and more layers in older ones. In enabling interactions in native languages for online consultations – that undoubtedly enjoys wide acceptance – we hope to be one step closer to turning our vision of building access to quality healthcare into reality.”

The vernacular feature is available in the Practo app as well as in their website. Practo is constantly looking out for enhanced features. Going all the way for a seamless and user-friendly doctor-patient interaction.


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