Vim launches Vim Shudhham for brass and copper vessel cleaning

: A bottle of Vim Shudhham, specifically designed for cleaning brass and copper vessels, with the tagline "The Ultimate Solution for Brass and Copper Vessel Cleaning."


Hindustan Unilever’s Vim introduces Vim Shudhham, a range of products specifically designed for cleaning brass and copper vessels, offering a one-stop solution with tamarind extracts and sandalwood fragrance.


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Expanding its expertise, Vim introduces the revolutionary Vim Shudhham

Vim, the renowned dishwashing expert, has once again proven its commitment to consumer-focused innovations with the launch of the revolutionary Vim Shudhham. This new range of products aims to cater to the unique cleaning needs of brass and copper vessels, providing a one-stop solution for all households.

The challenge of cleaning brass and copper vessels is well-known, with dust, grime, and the remnants of daily rituals often tarnishing their shine. While there are scattered solutions available in the market, Vim Shudhham stands out as a dedicated and comprehensive range. The range includes both a gel and a spray, ensuring easy application and reaching every nook and cranny of the vessels.

What sets Vim Shudhham apart is not just its effectiveness in removing dirt and restoring shine but also its use of natural ingredients. The inclusion of tamarind extracts and sandalwood adds a soothing fragrance to the products, creating a pleasant cleaning experience. Vim Shudhham understands the importance of not only cleanliness but also providing a delightful sensory experience while using their products.

This launch marks Vim’s expansion beyond the kitchen, showcasing its commitment to identifying relevant need gaps and providing high-performance solutions. Deepak Subramanian, Executive Director – Home Care, expressed their dedication to serving consumers by extending their portfolio to cater to the needs of brass and copper vessel cleaning.

Furthermore, by making the Vim Shudhham range available for purchase through popular E-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Big Basket, Zepto & Instamart, Vim ensures accessibility for consumers across the nation. The range comes in different sizes, catering to various preferences and budgets.

Vim’s history of innovation and market leadership in the dishwashing segment speaks for itself. From introducing the first dishwash gel in India to launching groundbreaking products such as the ‘Best Ever’ Vim bar and the Vim Scrub Magic, they have consistently addressed consumer needs with cutting-edge solutions.

As a part of Hindustan Unilever Limited, India’s largest Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company, Vim embodies the commitment to creating a better future every day. With the introduction of Vim Shudhham, they continue to contribute positively to the lives of millions of households by providing a superior and convenient cleaning experience.

In conclusion, Vim’s foray into the brass and copper vessel cleaning segment with the Vim Shudhham range is a commendable step towards satisfying a unique consumer need. This innovative solution, with its powerful cleaning properties and natural ingredients, ensures a perfect shine for these cherished household items. Vim continues to set the benchmark in the dishwashing industry with its unwavering dedication to excellence and consumer satisfaction.


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With a promise of perfect shine, Vim expands its portfolio with the all-new Vim Shudhham.

Category leader and dishwashing expert from the house of Hindustan Unilever, Vim, announces its foray into the Brass and Copper vessel cleaning segment with the launch of Vim Shudhham.

Ensuring the sheen and cleanliness of many vessels in our household, especially those made of brass and copper requires dedicated effort to remove the remnants of dust, grime, smoke from agarbattis, diyas, etc. Although the challenge of cleaning these vessels is singular, the solutions offered in the market are scattered, including various home remedies.

Based on this insight and its commitment to bringing consumer-focused innovations and superior product range, Vim has chosen to extend its portfolio and category expertise with Vim Shudhham. This easy, one-stop solution range includes Vim Shudhham Gel and Vim Shudhham Spray, which aid easy application to ensure the product reaches every nook and cranny of vessels to give them a perfect shine. In addition, the product contains the power of tamarind extracts and sandalwood for a soothing fragrance.

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Gel –

Spray –

Commenting on the launch, Deepak Subramanian, Executive Director – Home Care, said, “Over the last three decades, Vim has been at the forefront in identifying relevant need gaps and offering high-performance solutions. With our new launch, Vim Shudhham, we now have extended our portfolio beyond kitchen. Shudhham is an all-inclusive solution for vessels made of brass and copper.”

The Vim Shudhham range is suitable for all vessels and idols made of brass and copper. In the first phase, the product has been made available for purchase through E-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Big Basket, Zepto & Instamart. Vim Shudhham comes in two variants – Gel and Spray in 100ml gel (INR60/-), 250ml gel (INR 150/-), and 450ml spray (INR349/-).

About Vim:

Launched in 1993, Vim was the original hand dishwashing brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited that created the category and is the market leader in the dishwashing segment. Vim was the first brand to introduce Dishwash gel in India in 2005 and has been the leader in the segment. Vim has not just been a category leader but also a pioneer in innovations that solve the problems faced by consumers in Dishwashing. The ‘Best Ever’ Vim bar was launched in 2016 which has a revolutionary coating around the bar, the patented poly-coat technology followed by Vim Extra Anti Smell bar was launched in 2017 that removes tough smells from utensils while offering excellent degreasing as well. Vim launched an innovative new scrubber, Vim Scrub Magic, in 2023 having unique 2in1 benefit of steel knitted cloth on one side & soft blue scouring pad on other side.

About Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India’s largest Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company, with its products touching the lives of nine out of ten households in the country. HUL works to create a better future every day.

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