Virender Sehwag picks Story Digital in Team Cricuru

Virender Sehwag & Sanjay Bangar launches Cricuru

Story Digital recently aided Virender Sehwag & Sanjay Bangar to launch their e-sport learning cricket platform ‘Cricuru’. Story Digital helped Cricuru develop its brand & logo design, brand strategy, UX/UI design, media stack development, web & app development, dev ops & server scaling, analytics & user management, merchandise design, third party integrations, product & content security, AI-based analysis integration, as well as their launch film.

Speaking on the launch of the platform, Virender Sehwag said, “In 2004 I realized that a traditional cricket coaching format was accessible to only those who could afford to move out of their hometowns. The answer was a digitized format which took me almost 20 years to conceptualize and develop. Story Digital helped bring my vision to reality in 2021”. Cricuru is a completely digital learning environment for cricket learning where students don’t just learn from home but learn from the best in the game.

Co-founder Sanjay Bangar also added “The task of digital training was a challenging one even for me. The idea of a cyclic program where learners get to test the skills after acquiring complete cricketing knowledge is a remarkable foundation with Story Digital. This allowed us to create a learning environment that offers two-way access, cricketers to learners through content-driven modules covering each aspect of the game, and learners to cricketers in the form of the YOU+ environment offering access to AI tools and one-to-one mentoring for constant assessment.”

Pratiek Sawhney (Founding Partner & Director) of Story Digital added, “When Mr. Sehwag and Mr. Bangar selected us to join the team at Cricuru. We had the challenge of not only building a seamless product (keeping in mind low internet bandwidth in some areas of the country) but getting the communication right. Our biggest challenge was changing the consumer mindset of learning the nuances of the game online instead of on the field, without compromising on the quality of training, which we’re proud to have achieved. Cricuru’s vision is shared by us at Story Digital, making the platform user-friendly and easy to use at affordable prices thereby befitting the plethora of legends available on the platform. We continue to learn and make changes onto Cricuru based on consumer feedback and suggestions.”

The app has 3 key features, in terms of user experience. Content-Based Learning includes AI Analysis, mental and skill training for batting where one can upload their videos to get in-depth analysis on their techniques and the Dial-A-Cricuru feature where they schedule a 15-minute video session with their Guru.

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