Virgin Atlantic and The Sleep Council reveal the secret to a good flight’s sleep

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has partnered with experts at The Sleep Council to combine airline industry tips and professional advice to help customers get some shut eye at 38,000ft. Most travellers struggle to get forty winks whilst flying – meaning they can miss out on precious hours of their holiday due to jet lag. Virgin Atlantic has launched three tailored guides for the Upper, Premium Economy and Economy cabin giving helpful information from preparation the day before, tips onboard and what to do once you’ve landed to switch to holiday mode.

Top tips include:

  • Time for take off

A top tip from Virgin Atlantic cabin crew is to set your watch to your destination time so you can start eating at those meal times.

  • You are what you eat

It’s best to avoid carb heavy food when you want to get to sleep. Instead try something lighter and snack on energy giving foods such as bananas, nuts and wholemeal grains.

  • Old habits sleep hard

The Sleep Council suggests sticking as much as possible to your normal evening routine. From washing your face, removing any make up and giving your teeth a good brush, all these activities help to trigger your brain to get into sleep mode.

  • Get some Headspace

Virgin Atlantic have partnered with the mindfulness gurus at Headspace to provide tailored meditations for sleeping in each cabin. Customers can plug in and be guided through a meditation which is tailored to the seat type they’re in.

If customers are travelling in Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin, they can also indulge in the brand new de Mamiel relaxation treatment available at London Gatwick, London Heathrow and New York JFK spas at the Clubhouse. This tailor made treatment has been developed by de Mamiel founder Annee de Mamiel to combine aromatherapy oils, meditation and touch. Customers can enjoy a 15 or 30 minute treatment before boarding their flight, ready to drift off into a slumber.

Mark Anderson, Executive Vice President of Customer at Virgin Atlantic commented: ‘We know how important it is to land feeling refreshed and ready for the day. By working with the experts at The Sleep Council we’ve been able to pull together what we believe is the best guide to getting a good night’s sleep onboard. Whether you’ve got an important pitch or the holiday of a lifetime, we want to ensure customers make the most of their time away.’

Lisa Artis, PR and Communications Manager at The Sleep Council commented: ‘The problem with jet lag is that you are doing things at times when your body isn’t prepared to do them. By teaming up with Virgin Atlantic, we are encouraging travellers to get the best possible night’s sleep while onboard a flight. Sticking to good sleep hygiene principles and sleeping at the ‘right time’ can help control the mismatch you get with biological clocks and the time zone you’re in, ensuring you’re feeling the best you can when you hop off the plane.’

Annee de Mamiel, Founder of de Mamiel commented:  ‘I have always used my time on board as my quiet time; to sleep, relax or just do some thinking. I have developed these treatments to help the customer transition from the hustle and bustle of everyday life ready for a their own few precious hours of quiet time.’

Sleep guides will be available through the Virgin Atlantic website or through the aircrafts inflight entertainment.

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