Vritti launches ‘AnyDukaan,’ e-commerce platform for Kirana shops


Vritti Solutions Ltd, a leading IT solutions and Marketing services firm in the country, has launched an e-commerce platform ‘AnyDukaan’ for the Kiranawalla or retailers of the country. AnyDukaan is an e-commerce market place acting as an aggregator connecting the next door retailer/grocers/Kiranas to the consumer. The consumer, right from his mobile can pick up the dukaandar and order for different grocery, fruits and vegetables, sweets, dry fruits and dairy products and can get an express pickup or deliver at home within no time bringing lot of convenience to consumers. The application is very easy to use and the retailer himself can then make the products available online for his consumers using the same application. All order, invoice and delivery details and payment between a kiranawalla and his consumers will be provided online through this app and also can implement flexible payment options. AnyDukaan app can be downloaded by retailers and consumers anywhere in the country.

“With India witnessing a telecom, data and digital revolution and e-commerce flourishing across the country, we noticed there is not much e-commerce to support our Kiranawalla friends. AnyDukaan will be the most opportune e-commerce platform for the country’s Kiranawallas that will trigger an e-purchasing, invoicing and payment revolution at the retailer level. Also following Covid-19 crisis, AnyDukaan will help the retailers in ordering products from the distributors and delivering to consumers maintaining social distancing, which is likely to prevail for a long time to come,” said Mr Veerendra Jamdade, Chief Executive Officer, Vritti Solutions Ltd.

98% of grocery retail market in the country is controlled by local kirana shops. India has a strong network of 10 million kirana shops panning across metros, small towns and rural India. Manufacturer-Distributor-Wholeseller-Retailer is the traditional model for FMCG and grocery distribution in the country.

“During the last few years it has been noted that the above distribution model which had huge dominance in FMCG space had started losing its strong hold to major e-commerce platform players. Across the country, many customers were not dealing with retailers as the latter lacked the convenience that e-commerce brought along with. Our objective with the launch of AnyDukaan is to give our retailer friends the privilege of doing e-commerce and meeting the expectations of the end-consumers. We want to reinstate the confidence of retailing back to the hands of Kiranawallas. AnyDukaan also will help the new emerging FMCG brands directly market with the Kiranawallas or the retailers and thus help the brands directly influence end consumers,” said Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Chief Marketing Officer, Vritti Solutions.

Covid-19 lockdown scenario has brought out the best from the local kiranawala due to his grit and determination. He has demonstrated that he is not only quick to act but most importantly, he is the only person whom the consumer can trust for timely delivery inspite of having limited manpower and resources. “Post Covid scenario is going to be uphill task for the local kiranawalla to maintain the trust, which the consumer has placed on him. It is also going to be the time when the consumer will expect his local kiranawala to sell wide range of products at attractive rates with offers, offer express pick up and home delivery, cashless and contactless payment etc as people will continue to follow social distancing and hygiene. Also digital payment is going to perfectly become tomorrow’s norm. AnyDukaan has been designed just to meet these futuristic objectives,” said Mr Veerendra Jamdade.

The following are the benefits, which AnyDukaan offers – Jumping into e-commerce platform will help Kiranas to add more consumers, sell variety of products, offer schemes, and most importantly provide convenience to consumer and get their loyalty. It enables a Kiranawala to take orders from consumers, practically anything, anytime from anywhere and provide home delivery and express pick up. It reduces the crowd in his shop and implement social distancing. It is user friendly and available in local languages. Less staff overheads will result in improved profitability. The app can also run promotional offers to consumers along with distributor/manufacturer.


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