Westlife Development says, this Women’s Day let’s drop the gender tags

Westlife Development says, this Women's Day let's drop the gender tags

Westlife Development, the company that owns and operates the master franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India, is urging everyone to drop the gender tags from the profession and role. At some or the other point of time, we all have used terms like BossLady, She-E-O, Mompreneur to extol women achievers. But, in spite of the best intentions, these tags indicate the unconscious bias of the patriarchal society that may be because a woman achieving something is so extraordinary and not something as normal as the men do. The campaign has been appropriately named  #LetsUntag which is aimed at normalizing women’s achievements and stride towards gender equality.

Addressing women through their gender is something that comes from social conditioning and unconscious bias. We unknowingly bring inequality in our conversation while using such labels.

Speaking on the launch of this campaign, Smita Jatia, Director, Westlife Development Ltd said “Over the years, many people have complimented me for being a ‘female MD’, and a ‘female leader’ in QSR. When I meet people from different walks of life, I hear them talking about someone who is a female comedian, a female chairperson, a woman athlete, a female restaurant manager, the list goes on. I am extremely proud of being a woman and I know that they mean it as a compliment. However, despite the best intentions, these titles make us feel discriminated as if they are rare achievements”

She added, “If we wish to create a world of inclusivity collectively, we all have to start by doing our bit. So this women’s month, join us in removing all the gender biases. Let us strive to ensure an equal opportunity world for everyone.”

Westlife Development is one of the few companies in India that has the highest ratio of women in frontline jobs. The company has always worked towards gender equality across all its departments and in all its McDonald’s restaurants. Through this campaign, the company is expecting to encourage everyone to think in the same direction.

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