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Worldwide Media Owned Launches ‘Know India’

MediaInfoline January 15, 2019
Share announces the upcoming launch of a riveting new section – ‘Know India’ on the website. The platform, known for its fun, fantastic and futuristic facts delivered in an easy-to-read format, will soon feature a dedicated India-centric section on the website. In time for Republic Day 2019, will launch ‘Know India’ on 26th January, to cover the country’s incredible cultural and traditional diversity.

Commenting on the upcoming addition on the website, Primrose Monteiro-D’Souza, Editor – said, “ serves as a platform for readers to gain knowledge and learn interesting facts, in an easy-to-consume format. Taking it a step ahead, we are launching the dedicated Know India tab on 26th January; it will cover various facets along the length and breadth of India and reconnect the audience with our motherland. India’s diversity and culture will be celebrated in posts that aim to educate and engage the readers. The audience will be able to explore India across the realms of science, history, nature, personalities and human nature. Each of the Know India posts will offer information to a community of users that are inquisitive and interested in knowing more about their own homeland.”

The ‘Know India’ section will add to the existing exhaustive content buckets on the platform comprising:

SCIENCE: The section is further divided into Space, Discoveries & Technology and About Us Humans tabs to deliver mind-blowing facts about the universe, information about cutting-edge gadgets and innovations, as well as explorations of the miracle that is the human body, respectively.

HISTORY: This section with its Events, People and Natural History tabs offers insights into historical milestones, biographies of individuals, and creatures from times gone by, respectively.

NATURE: This particular section covers everything with skin, scales, feathers and fur.

KNOWLEDGE FRAMES: The section comprises sub-sections like Views of the World, Global Bites and Pop Culture, covering travel, food and trending topics.


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