‘X-Stories of India’, Fujifilm India’s awe-inspiring content campaign

'X-Stories of India', Fujifilm India's awe-inspiring content campaign

‘X-Stories of India’, Fujifilm India’s multi city campaign unveiled. in association with India Film Project, Fujifilm India organized the ‘X-Stories of India’ to encourage vloggers. Aimed to unleash the young millennials innovative film making skills. The films will be promoted and showcased in the company’s social media platforms.

The company aims to collaborate with X- Series photographer through this campaign. X-T200 and X-A7 cameras built with the latest cutting-edge mirrorless technologies were used to capture the beautiful corners of the country. The photos boasts of unseen stories with crystal clarity. Content creativity and vlogging talents will be showcased in this campaign to encourage potential vloggers, beginners and Vlogging enthusiasts.

Mr. Arun Babu, General Manager Electronic Imaging and Optical Device, Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd, said while elaborating about the product, “In today’s social media dominant world, content is king, and the demand for digital content consumption has skyrocketed. At Fujifilm India, our endeavor is to build the largest community of X Series photographers and establish a solid space for them to showcase their creativity. With this campaign, we wanted to acknowledge the artistic expression of the millennial Vloggers and constantly look towards improving their film-making experience.”

The vision of this campaign is to celebrate India by 15 creators and filmmakers. The ask of ‘X-Stories of India’ is to create an awe inspiring one minute content showcasing India, through the lenses of the Fujifilm X-Series Cameras. 15 forthcoming videographers were shortlisted to shoot the charm of their childhood streets, the markets they loved, their people, the spaces that tell a story, the food that tastes better than heaven and the landscape which smells like the spirit of the city they call it home.

The association of the camera manufacturing giant and the India Film Project, has created an engaging platform for the artistic millenials to express and showcase their creations. Scenic beaches at Goa to the streets of Pune, the hustle-bustle of Mumbai to the rush of the Ranganathan in Chennai, were all captured and exhibited in a picturesque digital exhibition. All the artists have created their own point of view while creating the following awesome submissions:

  1. Goa by Chirag Sadhnani: Every frame in Goa tells a visual story
  2. Pune by Prajakta Jadhav: Some places just feel like home, Pune is that place
  3. Jaipur by Aarohan Tiwari: The heart of Rajasthan, Pink, Palatial and prosperous, Jaipur is love, lights and everything nice!
  4. Mumbai by Harsh Parekh: Capturing the spectrum beyond the Bombay Blues has never been more amazing with Fujifilm XT 200!
  5. Chennai by Balaji Shanmugam: Don’t blink, as the Queen of the Coromandel reveals her crown!
  6. Srinagar bu Mian imad ur rehman: Splendid Srinagar and it’s visual treats!
  7. Kerala by Nihal muhammed: What can be more heavenly than God’s Own Country?
  8. Varanasi by Rahul Singi: Holy and heart-warming, Varanasi is the city of Ghats that becomes home to anyone who visits.
  9. Hyderabad by Shagun Segan: The City of Pearls, Hyderabad is a delight of all kinds!
  10. Madhya Pradesh by Vanshdeep Singh: Art, Religion, Nature, and City Life merge in different hues and melt into the Heart of India
  11. Delhi by Tushar Mahajan: Dilli hai Dilwalo Ki! Day in, day out, the fireworks are everywhere

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