Xaxis and Wavemaker’s campaign boosts customer visits for Nokia

Xaxis and Wavemaker's campaign boosts customer visits for Nokia

Xaxis and Wavemaker announced the outcomes of the nationwide for Nokia. The campaign was aimed at reaching out to potential customers digitally and influence them to visit any Nokia phone retail store.

The campaign for Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 was executed by deploying an integrated solution that leveraged mobile data signals in media and performance insights from live campaigns as well as in real world. The campaign begun by bringing a pool of potential customers together and then applying geo-fencing capabilities to Nokia phone retail stores and partner locations throughout India to measure traffic. Next step was to integrate rich media ads to Google Maps that guided the customers to the nearest Nokia outlet. InMobi, the technology partner in the project, supported in getting the hyper-local ads delivered to the potential customers who are near to any Nokia store. Lifesight was another technology partner who provided measurements of store traffic.

“Xaxis and Wavemaker have delivered outstanding results that enable us to see the impact of digital ad targeting on real world actions,” said Ruchira Jaitly, Head of Marketing – India, HMD Global. “This campaign highlights the important connection between digital ads delivered to the right people at the right time and its impact on offline behaviour. We look forward to applying these insights to future campaigns.”

Bharat Khatri, Country Lead, Xaxis India said, “The campaign proves the growing importance of an insight-driven approach in today’s marketplace. With Xaxis Places and our technology partners, we were able to demonstrate the positive influence that digital targeting can have on driving awareness, offline behaviour and overall value for the brand.” 

“There are many developments in digital that are changing the models of advertising in India, and our client HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has been at the forefront of bringing fresh strategies to market,” said Ajay Gupte, Chief Executive Officer, Wavemaker South Asia. “Our partnership with Xaxis underscores the power of mobile data and other digital insights and its impact on customers in the real world.” 

At the end of the 50th day of the campaign, 156,000 unique visits of customers were received by Nokia stores which was 56% more than the planned visits. The effective cost per action (eCPA), or store visit in this situation, was 36 percent lower than the set benchmark. The awareness through the campaign also increased by 13 and 18 percent of the Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 respectively.

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