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Yatra launches MasterKeyCard, a unique card that unlocks the door to ANY hotel

MediaInfoline April 1, 2019

A unique card that unlocks the door to ANY hotel donned on the role of a prankster this April Fool’s Day and took all its customers by a surprise. The online travel company launched a video on the day announcing the launch of a new product – the Yatra MasterKeyCard – A hotel key card that unlocks the door to a pre-reserved room in ANY hotel.

Set in a quirky setup, the video revolves around the narrative of a man hassled and annoyed about not getting the ideal hotel room. The video then showcases the perfect solution for the ordeal, the man has to go through – the Yatra MasterKeyCard, the smartest thing one can own, which gives him access to the perfect room adorned with customised service offerings anywhere and anytime.

This MasterKeyCard was that ray of hope that promised travellers a luxurious and comfort stay anywhere they deem likely. But after all the happy promises, Yatra like the mischievous friend made this heart wrenching revelation that it was all a part of a prank. But all was not lost – customers can enjoy massive discounts on their favourite hotels the entire day.

Commenting on this maha prank, Mudit Shekhawat , CMO says, “Our brand has always been quirky and we are not afraid to poke a little bit of fun at ourselves from time to time. This has been possible only due to the love and trust we have received from our customers. is loved because of the informal relationship the brand has shared with Indian travellers and a cheeky prank is our way of a friendly wink. And what better day to play a prank than on April Fools Day! While the MasterKeyCard remains a dream for now, is committed to technology backed innovations that help travellers take some of the pain out of travel. Innovations like Flexi Stay Hotels and Yatra Smart Choice are testament to that commitment. Further, with over a hundred thousand hotels on our platform, it is only that can provide the widest and most economical hotel choices  to Indian travellers, so in a way, IS the MasterKeyCard to thousands of hotels worldwide.”

Watch the video: here


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