Be a #YesMom to your child: Mandira Bedi

Mandira with her son Vir

The concern for their child’s health make mothers overprotective and they often put restrictions on their kids and end up saying NO without realizing how they perceive it and the impact it has on their personality. It is necessary that instead of saying ‘No’ to kids always, their immunity is strengthened to keep them healthy and strong from within. Therefore, Cipla, leading pharmaceutical company in India, developed ActivKids Immuno Boosters, immunity supplement for children in a unique choco-bite format, to address the growing concern of low immunity by providing up to 100% RDA of key immunity nutrients.

Mandira Bedi accompanied by her 6- year old son, Vir participated in a panel discussion with three experts to discuss about the importance of immunity in children, how to strengthen a child’s immune system and how that can help moms say Yes to their kids more often. The panel also celebrated the #YesMom Day at ITC Maratha, Mumbai discussing the need for mother to be a #YesMom. Nutritionist Dr. Niti Desai, Paediatrician Dr. Deepa Bhandarkar, along with Psychologist Dr. Sapna Zarwal too were a part of the insightful Panel discussion along with 15 mothers who have championed the #YesMom campaign.

Talking about her experience, Mandira said, “At one point of time, I too was a worried mother, always conscious about Vir’s every activity, but the social experiment video conducted by ActivKids Immuno Boosters came as a revelation to me. I never realized what impact my frequent ‘Nos’ were having on my child’s developing mind. I took the #YesChallenge and I have made efforts to become a #YesMom by trying to avoid saying ‘No’ unnecessarily. I think it’s important that all mothers out there realize how being a #YesMom can bring a difference to their child’s physical and mental health. I realized that no matter how much I try to protect him from germs and infections, it will not make much of a difference till the time his immunity is strong. Now, I focus on strengthening his immunity to make him healthy. And that has helped me in my journey of becoming a #YesMom”

Dr. Sapna Zarwal, Psychologist, spoke about the impact of saying ‘No’ to kids repeatedly, “Kids are sensitive and impressionable, and thus we should take extra caution in what we say to them. We must realize that our behaviour helps shape a child’s personality. Frequent No to you kids will only affect him psychologically and they might see you as somebody who often restricts them. Hence it’s advisable to measure what all things to say No to. But also to think how will your child be affected by this.

Dr. Deepa Bhandarkar, renowned Pediatrician, stated, “Mothers are worried because kids tend to get sick often, therefore they become overcautious of everything that their child is involved in. Most mothers come to me really worried about their kids repeatedly falling sick. Kids get sick because of their weak immunity system and I think focusing towards building the immunity system should be the most important step in raising a child.

Dr. Niti Desai, prominent Nutritionist shared her views on her interaction with mothers,Mothers often come to me concerned that their child does not eat properly. A proper diet is essential to build a strong defense system, therefore if the child is missing out on nutrients then it is necessary to balance the requirements by giving them doctor prescribed supplements. This will ensure that the child will not be deficient of any required nutrients and mothers will be successful in building a strong immune system in their kids.

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