Zee News-DNA analyzes the ‘Give Plastic and Take Gold’ campaign


DNA, one of the leading shows well-known for its inclusive reporting, investigative journalism and 360-degree coverage, successfully presented a detailed analysis on the unique ‘Give Plastic and Take Gold’ campaign. This campaign is an initiative by the village panchayat of South Kashmir’s Sadiwara, with an aim to save the environment. 

The reportage of the ‘Give Plastic and Take Gold’ campaign being initiated in South Kashmir’s Sadiwara village received widespread acclaim. It created a social impact as the Panchayat encouraged the villagers to donate 20 quintals of plastic waste in order to win a gold coin. After 15 days of the campaign’s launch, the entire town was deemed plastic-free. The initiative has received widespread acclaim, is well-liked by all, and has even been adopted by other panchayats.

The village with heaps of plastic thrown on the roads, is now completely clean and all the plastic collected is handed over to the Panchayat members. This village is setting an example for all other villages and the government is also trying to replicate the same idea in every village of the Union territory. RDD Anantnag| District Anantnag, Government of Jammu & Kashmir, latest tweet on the news reportage of the campaign by Zee News-DNA team, also further states, ‘This is to be replicated in every village of our beloved District in the Land of Springs.’ He also further announced that this village plastic free. The gold that is being rewarded, is from the plastic being collected from villagers and sold.

Commenting on the success of the impactful campaign reportage, Rajnish Ahuja, Editor, Zee News said, “Zee News’s Flagship show DNA has a dedicated team of reporters and researchers who have been consistent in their research, analyzing and presenting far-fetched social impact stories for the wider audience. The reportage and analysis of the ‘Give Plastic and Take Gold’ campaign is a step forward towards spreading social awareness on the hazardous impact of plastic waste on the environment, enabling many more villages to become plastic-free.”


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