Zee News embraces an innovative Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) strategy to elevate its prime-time show, “DNA”


The advertising media landscape has been evolving with time and so are brand strategies. In the present day and age, Digital Out-of-Home (OOH) billboards continue to maintain their significance and effectiveness in capturing the attention of audiences towards a new launch/ campaign in the economy.

While Sourabh Raaj Jain and the comeback of DNA have started to become the talk of the town, the large, visually compelling DOOH displays announcing its grand comeback, will play a crucial role in modern advertising campaigns. Zee News, one of the leading news channels of India, partnered with RoshanSpace to unleash the unique potential of increased awareness among large masses taking into consideration the unique potential and relevance of news reported on Zee News-DNA from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

It has been observed that DOOHs include a slow-motion video, fade transition, glowing lights, and vibrant font allows the audience to learn more about service/ product/ campaigns within a short period of time. Taking into consideration the fact that DOOH ensures increasing traction through a performance medium and has been appealing in many ways, Zee News stepped ahead and displayed 20 digital billboards across 4.7 kms of Western Express Highway, Mumbai.

Highlighting the marketing strategy, Mr. Anindya Khare, Marketing Head of Zee Media Corporation Limited, further highlighted, “In the realm of brand building, change is a constant. We believe in exploring new avenues for maximum audience engagement. Billboards encountered in daily routines, especially to offices and way back home on Western Express Highway, create non-intrusive brand recall. With DOOH, Zee News aims to raise awareness about ‘DNA’ using captivating graphics. Our goal is to foster positive perception and attract a larger audience to the show.”

Mr. Junaid Shaikh, Managing Director, RoshanSpace, said “We are fortunate to partner with Zee News. DOOH entails more than visibility; it’s about strategic placement, engagement and stronger recall. ProDigi is the longest DOOH network on W.E.H. Our aim is to strategically position DOOH ads in high-traffic zones, reaching our target demographic where they naturally encounter them. The non-intrusive aspect of DOOH ensures seamless brand recall for Zee News-DNA, fostering a positive visual experience and inspiring a broader viewership.”

The Zee News-DNA News show has been able to achieve a remarkable incremental audience in the past week, with Sourabh Raaj Jain being the news host. This data reaffirms our strategic approach to delivering content that resonates with a wide spectrum of viewers across multiple platforms.

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