Zee News Launches New Era of DNA Show with Anant Tyagi


Zee News is proud to announce a significant milestone for its flagship DNA prime-time news show with the appointment of veteran journalist Anant Tyagi as the new anchor. This marks a new era for the DNA show, aired daily at 9 pm, renowned for its in-depth research and fearless approach to news reporting. Anant Tyagi, with over a decade of unwavering dedication to journalism, brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Anant Tyagi has built a distinguished career covering major events, including state elections, landmark legal rulings, and significant socio-political developments. His unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth and presenting balanced perspectives has earned him widespread respect and recognition as a trusted journalist in India.

The DNA show has long been celebrated for its commitment to thorough research and fearless reporting. Viewers can expect Anant Tyagi to bring new depth and perspective to the analysis of current affairs. His approach promises to maintain the high standards set by DNA while introducing innovative ways to engage and inform the audience.

Mr. Anant Tyagi expressed his enthusiasm about taking on this new role, stating, “I am honored to take on the role of anchor for DNA, a show that has set benchmarks in television news for its meticulous research and fearless approach. I am committed to continuing this legacy and providing our viewers with thorough, unbiased reporting and insightful analysis. Together, we will explore the stories that matter most to our audience and uphold the principles of integrity and truth in journalism. I look forward to engaging with our viewers and bringing them the stories that shape our world.”

Mr. Rahul Sinha, Managing Editor of Zee News, highlighted“We are thrilled to introduce Anant Tyagi as the anchor of DNA show, reinforcing our commitment to delivering credible, impactful news reportage. Anant’s extensive experience and dedication to journalistic integrity make him the perfect choice to lead DNA into this exciting new era. Our viewers can look forward to a deeper and more insightful analysis of current affairs, presented in a clear and engaging format.”

The Zee News – DNA show, celebrated for its meticulous research and fearless approach, continues to set benchmarks in news genre. Under Anant Tyagi’s stewardship, viewers can anticipate a deeper and more insightful analysis of current affairs, presented in a clear and engaging format.

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