ZestMoney launches its first ‘Zest Now, Pay Later’ brand campaign

ZestMoney is India’s largest and fastest growing Buy Now, Pay Later

ZestMoney, India’s largest and most loved Buy Now, Pay Later player has unveiled its first-ever brand commercial campaign to drive awareness and understanding about BNPL and the all-digital offerings by Zest. Starring stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian as himself and his alter ego, these ads highlight the message in a series of quirky relatable circumstances.

These quirky circumstances are based on a core human insight – that there’s always one side of us that wants that better life and long for it, and the other side who’s constantly telling us to be more prudent, frugal and sensible. In this series, Rahul enacts the battle between these two.

It’s gifting season now, and many people plan budgets to give gifts to friends and family. So one of the films focuses on Rahul trying hard to work out his budget. He furiously keys in numbers into a calculator. And then goes back to his list. He stops suddenly. He seems to have lost track. He crumples the paper into a ball and tosses it over his shoulder, exasperated. His alter-ego walks in just in time to catch the paper ball. He un-crumples the paper, looks at the list, whips his phone out, and scans the list. The next thing you see is a couch filled with gifts. Rahul is elated.

The second film depicts those relatable heart-wrenching accidents that happen with precious gadgets, in this case, dropping a phone in the toilet! One Rahul wants to fish it out, and the other gives him a new phone, as we hear his old phone going back ‘plop’ into the toilet.

And that’s where Buy Now, Pay Later becomes relevant. Or should we say, Zest now, pay later? Limited funds should never stop your dreams and aspirations. When you Zest now and pay later, you can dream big and pay small. Paying overtime helps people budget more wisely and is a smart financial habit. Underscoring financial maturity, not financial extravagance, of which age India has come.

ZestMoney has unveiled two films, with more which will be slowly unveiled as a part of the series. The campaign was conceptualised by an independent team comprising Vijay Joseph, Creative lead at ZestMoney and Deepika Chandrasekaran,  Founder, Cock-A-Doodle films.

Speaking about the campaign, Lizzie Chapman, CEO & Co-founder at ZestMoney, said, “The narrative of our new brand campaign hinges on accessibility, convenience, and trust. We strongly believe that BNPL is an effective way to enable financial freedom to millions of people. We are focused on addressing the unmet credit needs of Indians by combining the convenience of payments with absolute focus on transparency of the offering. We have been powering pay later for 5 years now and have impacted the lives of 12 Mn customers. What customers love the most about Zest is that we are completely transparent and have no hidden fees at all. This is something we will always obsess about even as we add lakhs of new customers every month. Through this campaign, we aim to spread awareness about ZestMoney and inform consumers on how they can smartly plan their finances by choosing an option that offers transparency, digital experience and flexibility to shop across online and offline stores.”

Aishvarya Murali, Marketing Head at ZestMoney said, “All of us growing up in middle-class families will relate to agonising over expenses, especially the spikes during festive or vacation times. Zest believes that deserving people should not agonise over these things. It should be easy, and breezy, and that’s the underlying message that this fun series wanted to give out. Also, as a responsible player, we believe transparency around repayment terms and the pay later process is integral to the offering and this is a huge competitive edge for us in the market. We’ve planned a 360% campaign which is rolling out as we speak, and the next few months are going to be super exciting for the brand.”

Deepika Chandrasekaran and Vijay Joseph, who conceptualised the series, said, “The brief of the campaign was pretty clear, to break down the proposition of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ to the target audience and how ZestMoney is best suited to help them meet their needs. Rahul Subramanian was a perfect fit to kick off the series. We have been able to balance the use of humour while retaining the brand messaging. Idea was to leave the viewer with a nostalgic smile on similar experiences they have lived through.”

ZestMoney offers an entire spectrum of Buy Now, Pay Later offering from 30 days to 24 months and ticket sizes ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 5 lakh. It partners with merchants to offer the best value to customers, including no-cost pay later options.

It is the largest omnichannel Buy Now, Pay Later platform with 12 MN registered users across the country. It has the largest network of merchants with 10,000+ online partners including the biggest e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, MakeMyTrip, Yatra among others. It is also present at 75,000+ store partners including brands like Reliance Digital, Sangeetha Mobiles, Pai International, Pai Mobiles and Poorvika Mobiles across the country.

The company will roll out more films as part of the campaign in the coming months.

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