doubles its sales over the last two weeks

zipin-logo, an innovative online supermarket has been on an unprecedented growth spree. With the news of leading hyper local players shutting down their operations in Hyderabad and Vizag, the consumers are now wholeheartedly turning to to fulfil their need for grocery and household staples. To respond to a surge in demand in these areas, the brand has absorbed delivery boys from these exiting companies for prompt and timely delivery.

The withdrawal of other players in the hyperlocal space has indeed been a blessing in disguise for to capture a bigger size of the market share. The company is now catering to double the demand with the number of orders growing twice in size. To proactively keep up with these orders, it has already doubled its delivery staff in Vizag. is a trusted name in Hyderabad-based offices and households for its quality of products, the vast variety of domestic and international brands, same day delivery and regular super saver sales. This along with the absence of competition is likely to pave the way for’s future growth.


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