Aditya Narayan and Aly Goni make a wild card entry in Khatron Ke Khiladi 9

Aly Goni and Aditya Narayan enter as wild card in KKK9

With every week comes new tasks tougher than the other. The competition is intensifying, and the contestants are being tested at every level. To elevate the competition even more, the host, Rohit Shetty decided to stun the contestants by announcing two new wild card entries – Aly Goni and Aditya Narayan. Aly Goni who got eliminated last week made his way into the show as a wild card along with Aditya Narayan, who was out of the game due to an injury. The duo packs a punch and will only increase the level of competition amongst the contenders.

In the upcoming episode, Rohit Shetty announced the theme of the week as ‘Team Week’ where the contestants were divided into two team – Red and Yellow. Red team had Bharti as the leader where Punit, Aly, Ridhima were her supporters and Yellow team had Shamita as the leader where Aditya, Vikas and Jasmine were her supporters. As team leaders, both Bharti and Shamita will be tested physically and mentally as they had to perform some perilous stunts and come out victorious.

While few of the contestants failed to face their fears bravely, Ridhima on the other side, battled her way and performed the stunts with absolute confidence and grit. Appreciating her dedication and commitment, the stunt master, Rohit Shetty, decided to gift her his personal glares which she loved the most.

As the contestants continue to perform to find a safe spot, Bharti and Shamita’s leadership was again put to test by the host, Rohit Shetty. For the elimination stunt, they were asked to pick any one member from their team who will perform the stunt. The twist to this was that if the member loses the stunt, he / she will be eliminated from the show. The twist put Bharti and Shamit in a spot as they had a big task infront of them.

Will Bharti and Shamita’s decision change their equation in the show?

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