Baalveer, Sony SAB’s most anticipated superhero franchise is back with more action and adventure

Baalveer, Sony SAB's most anticipated superhero franchise is back with more action and adventure

Get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with lots of excitement as Sony SAB announces the return of its fan-favourite franchise, Baalveer. A lost identity, an unwavering determination, and a deep commitment to safeguarding his loved ones, witness the ultimate downfall and triumphant resurgence of India’s most beloved Superhero! Dev Joshi returns to portray the iconic character in a fresh new season that guarantees more action and drama, than ever before. The show will also star Aditi Sanwal in the lead role opposite Dev Joshi. With a focus on family-friendly content that appeals to viewers of all ages, Sony SAB is thrilled to bring back this fan-favourite series. With top-of-the-line visual effects and impressive stunt work, the new edition of Baalveer is guaranteed to astonish audiences with its enthralling plotline, stunning sets, and outstanding performances.

The new season of the show focuses on Baalveer, a 24-year-old superhero and is different from the previous seasons as it follows Baalveer’s personal journey and his fall and rise. In this season, Baalveer is stripped of his powers, and memories. He is forced to live an ordinary life as ‘Veer’ and the season centres on Baalveer’s pursuit to reclaim his identity. Join Baalveer in his quest as he becomes the ultimate hero once again. With double the action, edge of the seat drama, the revival of Baalveer is a must-watch event for fans of all ages. 

Speaking about the launch of Baalveer, Neeraj Vyas, Business Head – Sony SAB, PAL and Sony MAX Movies Cluster, said “Baalveer is a franchise that has won the hearts of the viewers consistently, and we are thrilled to bring back this beloved series with a new season given a resounding viewer demand. One of the most successful superhero series on television, the show appeals to viewers of all ages and continues to further our passion for delivering great storytelling, leaving a lasting impression on the audiences.”

Dev Joshi on reprising his role as Baalveer once again, says “Playing Baalveer has been a life-changing experience for me. It’s an honor to bring such an iconic character to life and connect with young viewers in a meaningful way. The excitement is palpable as we gear up for the show’s highly-anticipated comeback, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Baalveer’s character is more than just a superhero, he represents the qualities we should all strive to embody such as courage, kindness, and selflessness. Sony SAB has always focused on telling interesting stories and has always brought something new and exciting for its viewers. Baalveer is definitely one such show which has been ruling the hearts of many. I am grateful that on public demand Sony SAB is bringing back this phenomenal show, which has been loved by the millions of viewers across all ages.”

 To find out more, tune in to Baalveer 3, 18th March onwards every Saturday and Sunday at 7pm on Sony SAB.

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