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BattleBots Season 3 is all set to air on Zee Café from November 26

MediaInfoline November 23, 2018

Zee Café is all set to air yet another season of the classic American Robot Combat show, BattleBots Season 3. The show, which is the ultimate clash between man-made robots, is airing from November 26, weeknights at 9pm.

BattleBots, a one -of-a-kind reality show, has gained a lot of viewership across the world and is liked by the audience, across age groups. The combat show is popular among children as well as adults due to its unique facets of gaming and intellect. BattleBots is a grand mix of brains, machine and unwavering resoluteness. The series is about hand crafted robots made by the contestants themselves that are pitted against each other in a three-minute spell inside an enclosed, bulletproof battle arena. The format of the show is similar to a boxing match, where the bot which remains untattered after the stipulated duration is announced as the winner. The show that is the brain child of Marc Thorpe stems from the original American Version of Robot Wars.

This highly competitive show is a great escape for the introverted geek enthusiasts who are fans of sci-fi and gaming. The stakes are high, the metallic coliseum is set and the sparks will fly as it is a do or die at BattleBots Season 3. Watch out for the most devastating bots this new season! 

The hearts will beat for carnage as Zee Café brings BattleBots Season 3, from November 26, weeknights at 9pm.


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