BIG Ganga receives unprecedented number of entries for Muraitha Maidan

Muraitha Maidan launched by BIG Ganga

BIG Ganga continues to rule the roost in Bihar, Jharkhand and Purvanchal markets, riding high on the back of its many category-first initiatives and offerings. Muraitha Maidan, a one-of-its-kind game show in the category has been presented by the channel as it has always been curating engaging and entertaining offerings for its audiences. It has led to excitement levels amongst eager and ardent audiences rising with every passing day. This allows on-ground participation as well as present viewers to win exciting prizes. The hour-long family offering will be hosted by Bhojpuri icon Rahul Singh every Monday to Wednesday at 7:00 PM starting 8th March. BIG Ganga has received an unprecedented number of entries from viewers across the region. BIG Ganga has once again seen one of its offerings make all the right noises well before its launch, seeing the ever-increasing number of families wanting to be a part of the show.

The audition process was filled with fun as families show their wit, intelligence and humour, in addition to the abundance of excitement that the show is set to present. A family of three (male, female and kid) will begin their journey, once they get selected from the families of full strength on the fascinating offering. While celebrating the tradition of Chumavan with Sil and Lodha, the show will see the anchor introduce two families in true Bhojpuriya style through the ‘Swagat Dwar’. They will then be allowed to enter Muraitha, a symbol of pride.

With the first round being Chor Sipahi for kids gives the winner a cash prize of INR 2100 to 10,000 and Kattam Kuttam and Khela Pacchisi rounds cater to women and men respectively gives the winner a cash prize of INR 10K, the game is divided into four rounds. As the entire family together shows how good a team, they are in the last round known as Kuber Gagri, they look to win an INR 20,000 cash prize.

The family member of the winner of every show, who contributes the maximum amount will be given Maur. While the show winner will be gratified with Simaur, a weekly winner will get Maur on their head. The show will have weekly winners who, along with Winner A and B, will battle in the semi-finale taking place in 2 parts and the show will span over eight weeks. Along with the pre-finale celebration taking place to entertain the audience, this will be followed by the finale week where the semi-finalists will be seen going head-to-head. The game show will give chance to participants to win exciting prizes. The trio Manoj Tiger along with two kids and Bhojpuri favourite dwarves Ae Ji and Oo Ji, will be the star entertainers on the show which will make the show more exciting.

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Business Head, ZEE Biskope and Big Ganga said, “The huge response witnessed over the past few days is a glowing testament to the novelty and mass-appeal that we aim to bring through our shows. Along with it being a family game show, we also are looking to bridge the existing gap in the market that sees a death of content that allows the audience to participate. As a brand that keeps the preferences of the viewer as a cornerstone, we are proud to have curated a show that meets their demands and entertains them.”

Through its offerings, while also engaging with them, BIG Ganga has consistently upped the game of entertainment for its viewers. While adding value to people’s lives, the channel is known for entertaining the audience with its unique content all around the year through family-oriented offerings, festive events and shows like Jai Chhathi Mai, MemSaab no 1 etc. The channel is aiming to redefine entertainment and original content for its regional audience with more and more in the bucket to offer through a new family game show Muraitha Maidan, upcoming Faguaa Holi special among others.

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