COLORS Bangla launches new show NISHIR DAK

COLORS Bangla Nishir Dak

Nishir Dak is one such story that showcases immense courage and undying will of a mother who will go to any lengths to save her daughter from the evil spirit – Nishi.

Nishir Dak or Call of the Night spirit is a very common paranormal belief in Bengal. A spirit that lures its victim into the unknown by calling out to him in a familiar voice. Tethering between reality and the paranormal world, the show promises to send shivers down the spine with its near-to-life storytelling. Starting Monday, December 3 at 8:30pm, the show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats and jolt them through this journey.

Commenting on the new show, Rahul Chakravarti, Business Head – COLORS Bangla & Odia said, “Supernatural shows have a well-established fanbase amongst viewers, but the poignant storyline and mystical elements in Nishir Dak, will go beyond the conventional fanbase, appealing to all viewers. At COLORS BANGLA, quality content has always been our focus, and we continue to push the boundaries by bringing in only the best to our viewers. Bringing Nishir Dak at the 8:30 pm slot, the channel presents viewers a refreshing storyline that will appeal to all thrill seekers.”

Talking about the show, Sahana, Creative Director, SVF Television said, “Nishir Daak is a story of war between good and evil. It is the story of Tara, the blessed child and her fight against the Dark Force, Nishi. The spooky look of Nishi has been worked upon for months as has been the details of each character. The show will unravel elements of fear, suspense, supernatural incidents and ultimate win of good over evil and dark spirit that will keep viewers hooked.”

Nishir Dak narrates the story of the five-year-old abandoned and scared Tara played by Guddi who finds protection in the caring arms of Sreemoyee. Played by Tumpa Ghosh, Sreemoyee’s maternal instincts cajole her to adopt Tara and protect her from all that may come to harm. Unknown to the world, Tara’s fate is eclipsed by the curse of evil spirits as a necromancer – Agharnath is determined to sacrifice Tara to attain immortality. Making a grand return to the small screen, Sauriti Banerjee portrays the role of Nishi, is Agarnath’s evil myrmidon tasked to bring Tara to him. Completing the blockbuster ensemble cast of the show, Subhankar Saha plays the role of Rudra.

Don’t miss the sinister and eerie premiere of the show –NISHIR DAK on Monday, December 3 at 8:30pm on COLORS BANGLA.

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