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Explore gastronomic flavours of Australian outback on FYI TV18 with ‘Outback Gourmet’

MediaInfoline June 12, 2019

The Australian Outback, the remotest, oldest and most glorious natural landscapes on the planet, has bountiful to offer, when it comes to gourmet. Tune in to your favourite channel FYI TV18 as Justin Schofield takes you on alip-smacking journey on Outback Gourmet premiering on 12th June, 10:30 PM.

In the picturesque eight-part series, the former Master Chef Australia star Justine Schofield will be seen cooking her way through the Outback in Australia. The exclusive episodes will show her learn the art of camp cooking over coals in Katherine, cooking for park rangers in Kakadu National Park and preparing delicious desert over a campfire in Alice Springs.

Outback Gourmet is a journey filled with unparalleled experiences. From bush tucker to modern gourmet delights, Schofield would catch up with locals to find out what’s on the menu in the north. The Australian outback is full of natural wonders and an amazingly rich culture, and she will be seen cooking with the locals against the extraordinarily beautiful landscapes.

From the rustic and simplest meals, to some exotic ones, Outback Gourmet will inspire you to try some of the recipes at home.

Tune-in to FYI TV18 for this all new series “Outback Gourmet” every Wednesday at 10:30 PM.


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