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Meet the next-gen of supermodels in FYI TV18’s ‘Growing Up Supermodel’

MediaInfoline October 29, 2018

FYI TV18 reality series, ‘Growing Up Supermodel’, takes a step further and introduces the next generation of supermodel off-springs in the making. Growing Up Supermodel premiering on, 29th October 2018, every Monday – Tuesday at 9 pm will showcase these children of supermodels trying to make a name for themselves in the game.

From Kendall Jenner to Gigi and Bella Hadid, this generation’s most in-demand models all happen to have famous last names, and now there is a show dedicated to chronicling the lives of other celebrity children who want to break into modelling.

The show follows a new group of hot young models risking it all to live up to the careers of their famous parents. With the names and the genes of their gorgeous parents on their side, these celebrity off-springs feel destined to make it to the top, but the right DNA is only half the battle in this competitive world. These young models are all finding out that making a career is hard work, and having a famous name is a double-edged sword, creating expectations and burdens at the same time it generates opportunities. Meanwhile, the parents, whose success has paved the way, discover that being a star is much easier than raising one.

The reality show follows the family dynamics and exciting and unpredictable careers of some of the top young models on the scene today: celebrity daughters Cambrie and Faith Schroder, Atiana De La Hoya (daughter of actress and model Shanna Moakler and boxer Oscar De La Hoya), Arissa Le Brock (daughter of supermodel and actress Kelly Le Brock and actor Steven Seagal), Cairo Peele (daughter of supermodel Beverly Peele), Jake Moritt (son of actress Krista Allen), and Janis Ostojic (son of internationally acclaimed model JD Ostojic).

Who knew that some of the world’s top supermodels could not only walk the runway, but also offer up quite a few parenting tips? Now, we know they can. Witness their journey, and see how this group of young talent makes it in the cutthroat industry.

Follow the exciting lives of these seven celebrity children, with FYI TV18 GROWING UP SUPERMODEL, every Monday to Tuesday at 9 PM.


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