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The Good Doctor is now America’s new number one drama

MediaInfoline October 26, 2017

The Good Doctor that centers around the residency of a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, has had 3rd episode checked in an amazing 18.2 million viewers, beating CBS front-runner The Big Bang Theory (17.9 million viewers) in the U.S.! This makes the Good Doctor the most-watched program of the night and one of the few shows ever to win a head-to-head battle with CBS’s ratings juggernaut The Big Bang Theory. The show has been acclaimed by reliable critiques on social media as well, after all there cannot be a superior combination than attaining knowledge, autism in this context and being entertained at the same time! The Big Bang Theory hasn’t been challenged on the ratings front for years now and it’s already been one-upped by The Good Doctor, a show that has only just begun its first full season run! We think it’s safe to say that Sheldon Cooper might have been Bazinga-ed!

The Good Doctor, created by House’s David Shore and based on a Korean series of the same name follows the dramatic instances as in most medical dramas such as patients rushed in life threatening situations. The show fills the void in a genre as it advances our interest in the course of every episode by intertwining a surgeons daily tasks into the bigger structure of Murphy’s story on screen. The show airs in India every Tuesday at 11 PM on COLORS INFINITY.

Watch the most watched show, The Good Doctor in India, every Tuesday at 11 PM, only on COLORS INFINITY!


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