Michelle Obama in Ellen’s Hot Seat, talks about her first kiss and life in the White House

Michelle Obama on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Romedy NOW will air ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Friday, November 16th at 8 pm. The episode will feature the Former First Lady Michelle Obama, in an hour long candid conversation with Ellen.

Opening the episode, Ellen gives a romantic reading of an excerpt from Michelle Obama’s bestselling memoir, “Becoming,” about arranging her first kiss with her eighth-grade crush. Michelle Obama talks about the hoops she and Former President Barack Obama jumped through to allow their daughter Malia’s prom date to pick her up at the White House. She also shares how Barack joked that running for a second term was all worthwhile after watching Malia get followed to prom by three cars with armed men.

The former first lady also opens up about how vastly different one day in the White House could be. She talks about starting off one day with a heavy heart at the funeral for the victims of the Charleston church shooting then later flying back to D.C. and breaking out of the White House to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriages nationwide.

Watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, 16th November 2018 at 8 PM for uplifting, inspiring, hilarious & captivating conversations with Ellen on Romedy NOW.

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