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The second episode of Dice Media’s What the Folks! season 2 is all set to entertain

MediaInfoline October 25, 2018

Pocket Aces’ premium long form content channel Dice Media released its second episode titled, “Surprise, Surprise!” of What the Folks! season 2. The first season of What The Folks! was 2017’s most loved web series starting Veer Rajwant Singh and Eisha Chopra. The second season is the 6-episode sequel which airs every Wednesday on Dice Media’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

What The Folks! is a modern take on familial relationships and the second season deals with realistic yet relatable themes of how families learn to love each other despite their differences. What The Folks Season 2 showcases a bittersweet yet warm journey of a family dealing with the challenges thrown at them.

The first episode saw Anita (Eisha Chopra), Nikhil’s (Veer Rajwant Singh) wife adjust to his parents’ lifestyle and values, while Nikhil walked the tightrope between his wife and his unique parents.

The second episode will see the entire family bonding in spite of the rocky start but the viewers as well as the Solankis are in for a bittersweet surprise by the end of the episode.

This surprise is what will form the premise of the entire second season, so don’t miss it!

Watch the second episode on YouTube and on Facebook.

Post the success of Season 1, Greek yogurt brand Epigamia comes back as the ‘Title Partner’ of the series, with furniture company Pepperfry as the ‘Powered By Partner’, and Google Duo as the ‘Associate Partner.’ Season 2 is directed by two-time National Award winner Ruchir Arun, Omar Iyer, and Sumit Aroraa (dialogue writer of the recent super hit film, Stree). Anand Bharadwaj and Ayesha Nair, who wrote season 1, return to the show as writers once again. Along with Veer Rajwant Singh and Eisha Chopra, the second season stars veteran film and television actors Shishir Sharma (Raazi, Talvar, Permanent Roommates) and Renuka Shahane (Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Surabhi, 3 Storeys), who play Nikhil’s parents. The key cast is rounded off by the popular digital star, Kriti Vij, of 2By3 (a Dice Media web series with Kurkure) and Baked (a Scoopwhoop web series)  fame, who plays Shreya, Nikhil’s sister. The music in the series has been created by Neel Adhikari, a well-known independent musician, who also composed the immensely popular original soundtrack of Little Things and the previous season of What the Folks!


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