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Tera Yaar Hoon Main’s Daljeet Bagga reveals her secret to her svelte figure


Fitness is about life and not just about working out. Nowadays, maintaining a simple but regular workout routine has become more imperative than ever. Not only physically, but having a fitness regime is extremely essential to be mentally active. During these days of uncertainty, it brings a sense of control and helps us stay calm and focused.

Sony SAB’s light-hearted show, Tera Yaar Hoon Main features this gorgeous Sayantani Ghosh (Daljeet Bagga) and she reveals her secret to her svelte figure in a candid conversation and offered a sneak peek into her daily fitness routine and a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about her daily fitness routine, Sayantani says, “I believe fitness is a huge umbrella and has a lot of components under it. From keeping your body healthy and fit, to keeping your skin nourished and your gut clean with a healthy mind, all are essential aspects of fitness. I believe a simple and a basic fitness routine is enough to keep the body healthy. There are days when I push myself for a minimum workout after long hours of shoot yet I somehow manage to squeeze some time and energy.

These days as gyms aren’t operational and I am busy shooting outdoor,s. I keep myself fit by going for runs or walks and most importantly eat healthy. According to me, eating a nutritious home-cooked meal is a simpler way to keep oneself healthy. I include a little weight training and cardio as a part of my daily exercise and as I love dancing, some days I sweat it out through Zumba as well. I believe during these testing times, one should try staying fit in whichever way they can- either by walking inside the house or by doing physical activities and simple 20- minute exercises.”

She further added, “I cannot resist chocolate, so the best way to satisfy the sweet craving for me is including a lot of chocolate flavoured protein bars. When it comes to fitness, I refrain myself from any arduous training and prefer following a basic disciplined routine as it helps you stay consistent and fit.”

Keep watching Sayantani Ghosh as Daljeet Bagga in Sony SAB’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main, every Monday-Friday at 09:30 p.m.


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