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Vijay and Bulbul’s blooming love story

MediaInfoline December 12, 2017

Star Bharat’s heart winning show Saam Daam Dand Bhed with all the political drama is now gearing up with the blooming love story of Vijay and Bulbul. Bhanu Uday and Aishwarya Khare play the roles of Vijay and Bulbul respectively.

Bulbul and Vijay got married under adverse circumstances. Bulbul seems to be fond of Vijay, however, Vijay barley even maintains an eye contact with her. It will be interesting to see their new love, despite being opposite to each other and with the difference in their personalities, how they bond together to be a likeable couple on screen.

Bhanu Uday in favour of Aishwarya Khare says, “I’m really enjoying playing the blossoming love story with Bulbul. It is really fascinating to play complete strangers getting to know each other and falling in Love. I really enjoy playing these scenes with Bulbul. She is a very fine actress and she has an innocence about her which is very rare and endearing. I’m glad to work with her.”

Watch Saam Daam Dand Bhed Monday to Saturday 9 PM on Star Bharat.


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