Witness the biggest real-life animal drama series from the heartland of Africa – Serengeti II only on Sony BBC Earth


New characters, new stories, new twists, new heartbreaks, and warfare but same spectacular setting, Sony BBC Earth is back with yet another thrilling tale of wildlife with ‘Serengeti II’. The show captures the dramatic and emotionally interconnected stories of the iconic savannah animals, from the unspoilt corner of Africa. Filled with humor, heartbreak and nail-biting tension, the new characters move in to explore the unique animal behavior and how at the heart of what they do have so many parallels to human lives. This 6-episode series Serengeti II premieres on Sony BBC Earth on 18th October at 09.00 PM.

The second part of the series continues to highlight heartwarming stories of the African wildlife from Bakari the Baboon, Kali the Lioness, a family of Leopards with their adorable cubs and many new animal characters. The 6 episodes touch upon different phases of these animal characters, revealing their unique relationship dynamics, behavior, strengths, and weaknesses. Each episode reflects different attributes of their journey including – Intrigue, Change, Renewal, Power and Reckoning.

Witness the bond between the Land and the Living’ is the campaign thought of the show and to bring alive the unique USP, Sony BBC Earth is running a month-long social media centric campaign around it. Furthermore, to make the show more appealing to the youth and masses, Sony BBC Earth is creating branded content with popular social media influencers and stand-up comedians – Jose Cavaco and Sorabh Pant. Adding a humorous twist to the dramatic stories of wildlife, the aim is to bring alive the fact that animals are far more similar to us than we think.

Using revolutionary stabilized camera systems, latest drones incorporated with game-changing technology, Serengeti II captures the comprehensive and empathetic view of the animals that make up the Serengeti ecosystem. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress (Star Wars and Black Panther fame), Lupita Nyong’o and Produced by John Downer and Simon Fuller, the show allows one to immerse themselves in the complex relationships, thrilling battles and tender moments that punctuate the lives of nature’s most captivating characters in the wild. 

Tushar Shah, ‘Chief Marketing Officer & Business Head – English Cluster & Sony AATH, Sony Pictures Networks’, said, “It has been our constant endeavor to instill a positive impact within our audience through the power of visual storytelling. With Serengeti II, we are happy to bring alive yet another pioneering series and go deeper into the heart of the action to bring viewers unprecedented animal behavior. The show has been widely appreciated globally and bringing this series to India allows us to give our viewers a rich, entertaining and informative experience that will certainly make them ‘Feel Alive’.”

Watch Serengeti II from 18th October Mon-Fri 9.00 pm only on Sony BBC Earth.


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