Zee Telugu’s new fiction offering – Kodallu Meeku Joharlu is a perfect fusion of fun and feud

Zee Telugu’s Kodallu Meeku Joharlu is a perfect fusion of fun and feud

After presenting an intriguing journey of two distinct personalities with Devathalara Deevinchandi, Zee Telugu is all set to come up with yet another gripping family drama – Kodallu Meeku Joharlu. While we’ve seen several atha-kodallu shows on TV, the channel is presenting a fresh new narrative that shows the dynamics of a power-hungry mother-in-law and a naïve daughters-in-law like never before. Premiering on 13th June 2022, Kodallu Meeku Joharlu will air every Monday to Saturday at 3.30 pm, only on Zee Telugu.

Featuring Pavitra, Kausthubha Mani, Durgasree, and Nagarjuna in lead roles, the show will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions ranging from some really hilarious comic moments to even more tense moments. Rekha (played by Pavitra) plays a successful businesswoman who has hijacked the reins of the family business from her elder sister’s son – Sekhar (played by Shariff). In pursuit of eternal power, she fools her family members and even chooses the calm Midhuna (played by Kausthubha Mani) as her submissive daughter-in-law in a bid to continue holding the ultimate power. However, she fails to realise that Midhuna’s sister Vaishnavi (played by Durgasree) will go to any length to protect her sister and her family.

While they try to outwit each other, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s relationship will reach a new height as their towering egos clash. We are sure viewers will be hooked as they try to find out how these power politics impact the family.

Talking about the show’s launch, Anuradha Gudur, Chief Content Officer – Telugu, states, “In the past, we have seen many TV shows which were based on the mother-in-law & daughter-in-law relationship, but with Kodallu Meeku Joharlu we are bringing to our viewers the relatable concept within family & relationships. The story emotes positivity and celebrates positive relationships. We are hoping to connect with the audience with this fresh and unique storyline and we hope they support and appreciate our new show as well.”

Witness the power dynamics of Rekha and Midhuna as Kodallu Meeku Joharlu premieres on 13th June and airs every Monday-Saturday at 3.30 pm, only on Zee Telugu

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