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AESL associates with Airtel DTH to bring NCERT Crash Course


The pandemic has disrupted the lives of people and its huge impact can also be seen on school children. Due to these interruptions, class 9 and 10 students were extremely worried about how they will complete their NCERT syllabus in their regular school routine. The national leader in test preparatory services, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), has thus come into the scene to help the students. AESL has launched India’s first Foundation Crash Course on TV, in association with Airtel DTH.

The syllabus for Class 9/10 can now be completed by the students from the comfort of their home by watching TV in 60 days. They will get ample time to prepare for other important exams such as competitive exams (NEET/JEE) or the Olympiads if they do so. Customers need to give a missed call on 9154052467 and activate their 5-Day Free Trial, to subscribe to Channel # 467 on Aakash EduTV for just Rs 8.23 /day.

Mr. Abhishek Maheshwari, CEO, AESL, commented, “The Aakash EduTV platform has helped us expand our reach by successfully using television as an affordable medium for coaching. This is in line with AESL’s vision of making available quality and affordable test prep coaching to all, as the largest omni-channel test prep player in the country. The launch of the NCERT (Foundation) Crash Course for Classes 9th and 10th is a step in that direction.

Aakash EduTV – India’s first dedicated TV channels by AESL for Medical and Engineering entrance exams preparation has over 33K subscriber and is fast- gaining popularity among students.

The launch of the Foundation Crash Course is the latest in a string of highly successful and engaging content series such as ‘Aakash Paathshala’ and the ‘The Science Behind Cricket’ to name a few.

Aakash EduTV is launched by Airtel Digital in collaboration with Aakash Educational Services Limited. Providing high-quality coaching sessions to students across India who are preparing for entrance exams such as JEE/Advanced and NEET, Aakash EduTV is available exclusively on Airtel Digital TV. Aakash EduTv – NEET is available on Airtel DTH Channel No. 478 and Aakash EduTv – JEE and Foundation are available on Airtel DTH Channel No. 467 and it is just starting at Rs 8.23/ day. Customers can give a missed call on 9154052467, to subscribe.



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