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Aleph Speaker Series by Stanford GSB gets extended by Httpool


The Aleph Speaker Series hosted by Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education is being extended by Httpool, an Aleph Holding company. The event witness top business executives and industry leaders from the Americas, Europe, and Asia, come together to discuss the future of leadership and innovation in an exclusive certified executive program. The Aleph Speaker Series brings together leaders from 47 countries from all across the world to discuss disruption, leadership, neurosciences, diversity, innovation, geopolitics, and robotics.

“We are pleased to join Aleph in this program, bringing together a hand-picked selection of leading faculty to share expert research insights, proven tools, and skills, that will enable executives to develop and excel within their leadership skills and that of their organizations” explained Baba Shiv, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a member of The Sanwa Bank, who curated the program with top academics.

“It takes true initiative, unique ideas, and daring leaders to reach new horizons in both business and society. The Aleph executive program brings all of this to the table. By empowering our clients to grow, we grow the entire ecosystem and continue to unlock new opportunities.” said Aljoša Jenko, Httpool CEO.

Httpool is opening its doors for major clients to join the educational event and will take place between 31 March and 19 May. Each session will be followed by case studies from global perspectives and large companies from other corporate leaders. The executives who are participating will get a chance to interact with the university professors, allowing them to apply the concepts learned. Also, on completion of the event, the participants will be earning a certificate from Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education.

The event features a number of high skilled academics, including Larry Diamond, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, discussing geopolitics in the Middle East; Niall Ferguson, the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution, shedding light on social and political consequences of COVID 19; Margaret Neale, The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emerita, at Stanford Graduate School of Business, on the topic of diversity; Paul Oyer, The Mary, and Rankine Van Anda Entrepreneurial Professor and Professor of Economics at Stanford GSB, discussing robotics and automation; Ilya A. Strebulaev, The David S. Lobel Professor of Private Equity and Professor of Finance at Stanford GSB, breaking down the topic of  disruption and corporate innovation; Jeff Hancock, The Harry and Norman Chandler Professor of Communication and the founding director of the Stanford Social Media Lab at Stanford University, discussing the future of trust and technology; Professor Baba Shiv diving into neuroscience and the customer experience, and Jennifer Aaker, The General Atlantic Professor at Stanford GSB, offering a glimpse into a new kind of leadership.


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