Anna Chandy mentors student from Amitabh Shah’s Yuva Unstoppable

“When you become a doctor, identify two young women like you who you can mentor, because mentoring is the greatest way to give back to the society, to support others during their journey”, shared Anna Chandy, Chairperson of The Live, Love, Laugh Foundation with VidishaRamani, a first year medical student during an online ‘Janta Mentorship’ session facilitated by Yuva Unstoppable.

Yuva Unstoppable, a non-profit organization founded by social champion Amitabh Shah is transforming the country’s education landscape by building better toilets, clean drinking water facilities, and digital classrooms in government schools and awarding educational scholarships to students from less privileged backgrounds. Their motto is to make schools a better place to learn and education accessible to all children. With this in mind, Yuva Unstoppable launched its ‘Janta Mentorship’ session series just after the ‘Janta Curfew’ in India so that ‘learning never stops’ for children, even in the times of COVID-19 and lockdown.

The ‘Janta Mentorship’ sessions are bringing together India’s top corporate honchos, entrepreneurs, sportspersons, counsellors, and diverse other leaders who are role models for the world with YuvaUnstoppable’s scholarship students to mentor the latter one-on-one via online mentoring sessions. From the effects of Corona Virus in their lives to special tips on facing these challenging times while making the most of self-quarantine, the ‘Janta Mentors’ touch upon some of the most relevant topics during these discussions, and share learnings from their life journey and experiences so that thousands of children like Vidisha who are stuck at home can continue to learn and grow even when all schools and colleges have shut down.

Anna Chandy, a philanthropist in mental health,has more than 18 years of experience in development work, counselling, coaching and mentoring. When she met Vidisha online, she was reminded of her own struggles and how she overcame it with optimism. Vidisha is the daughter of diamond workers from lower-middle class family who is extremely passionate about studies and dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mother was diagnosed with 1st stage breast cancer just as she entered her 10th boards. She would have almost given up on her dreams, discontinued her studies or switched to some other less expensive field of study, if not for YuvaUnstoppable’s Educational Scholarship Program after 10th grade. Under this program, she is provided financial assistance and emotional support to complete her higher education as her parents can’t afford to pay for her medical education fees.

Despite all hardships, Vidisha madeYuva Unstoppable, her parents, and the entire state proud when she ranked No. 1 in Gujarat in HSC Board (12th grade) exams scoring 99.99 percentile with science stream!

When Vidisha asked Anna Chandy about how she deals with difficult situations, “when she feels low and everything seems to be crowded”, the latter shared that “(when in stress) think about all the positive and wonderful things that have happened to you- like Yuva Unstoppable- and it will give you strength to sail through. Don’t give up!”

In response to her way of dealing with the current pandemic conditions across the globe, Anna Chandy revealed that she has started special virtual counselling sessions as it is in these times of isolation that people need someone to talk to the most and there are chances that if they don’t do this, they may get into anxiety or depression. At the same time, she also encouraged Vidisha to spend some ‘me-time’ with herself as it is extremely important for a healthy mind.

“Initially I was very scared and sceptical about how the online session would go, but Anna Ma’am made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She is very humble and a great person. She answered all my questions and has become my role model, just like my mother who defeated breast cancer and has started working again for me and my brother so that we can have a better tomorrow,” shared an elated Vidisha following the inspiring session with her mentor Anna Chandy.

“I am so thankful to Anna Chandy for making time out to mentor our student and help her navigate these testing times as well as to my wife, Mrs Rashmi Shah for coming up with this idea in the first place. I too got to learn so many things along with Vidisha and really appreciate the extra-ordinary work that she is doing in the field of mental health. I hope that together we can facilitate such mentoring sessions for many more children in need and continue the process of lifelong learning”, said Amitabh Shah, founder of Yuva Unstoppable.

To participate in YuvaUnstoppable’sJanta Mentorship Sessions or support its scholarship program, contact [email protected]

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