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The new campaign of Viral Fission answers #WhatsYourNext

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 14, 2021

An innovative platform for the youth, Viral Fission launches a new campaign #WhatsNext that summarizes the nightmare students have to face when they are asked the most dreadful question about the future. 

Viral Fission has conceptualized the campaign after keeping unprecedented times in mind and the consistent social pressure on the youth after completing their college during this period. The video starts with a question popping in from all directions leading to a point where Gen Z breaks their silence and talks about the annoyance one can have while looking for solutions and seeking answers. 

Viral Fission understands the hustle that the young students go through every day to excel professionally even after completing their education. Therefore, the brand helps the youth by providing them long-term internships with popular brands.

Please watch the campaign here.

Elaborating on the Campaign, Aditya Anand, Chief Revenue Officer, Viral Fission shares, “Viral Fission believes in the capability of the youth and the unmatched difference they can make to a brand in terms of changing its salience. Knowing the difference an internship can bring, we encourage the students to take charge through our community program and work for the biggest youth brands in our country. Through dedicated training and induction, we believe the constant uncertainty of their future will be put to an end.”

Viral Fission was founded in November 2019 aiming to bridge the gap between the youth and the brands they aspire to work in. The core thought has been derived by the founders from their own learning and academic experiences. The brand also aims at redefining the brand’s salience metrics with/for the youth. The brand offers a community-based youth network that creates incomparable brand experiences together.

Their purpose line says “Dreaming big in a world full of obstacles can feel like stepping into the wild. But you gotta start somewhere, with whatever you got. And you’ve got us.”


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