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Sony Music Kids presents Rhyme Rapper

MediaInfoline December 6, 2019

If your young kids love hip-hop but there aren’t many options (exclusively for them) that pop up in this genre, Rhyme Rapper is your answer. Rhyme Rapper’s hip-hop styled original rhymes in Hindi are a new take on some of the most iconic English rhymes from all over the world. His rap-styled rhymes create an instant appeal with Moms and young kids. His superpower is that he knows how to turn ALL rhymes into fun interesting Rap, which Kids love to sing and dance along to.

He will teach the kids all about early learning essentials, in a fun and interesting way. In every Rhyme, he leaves them with a little ‘seekh’ or a moral, which goes a long way in shaping up young minds and instilling the right values.

Rhyme Rapper brings you 3 specially curated albums featuring 9 rhymes each which will be releasing consecutively in the coming weeks starting December 6th. These include –

International Rhymes: Everybody’s first Nursery Rhymes like Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jack and Jill and Ringa Ringa Roses, brought to you for the first time ever in Hindi Rap, to make them even more fun and appealing to little kids and their Parents!

Indian Rhymes: Iconic indigenous hindi rhymes like Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai, Aalu Kachaalu and Chanda Mama, now presented through Rhyme Rappers ‘zara hatke’ POV, make these even more fun for everyone!

Rhymes about Body Parts: Every child’s favourite bonding game with their Parents, i.e. recognizing and pointing out Body Parts, has been converted into a cool hip-hop album that will teach kids more fun facts about these familiar parts of their bodies!

These rhymes are available digitally on YouTube


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