A Unique Exploration of India’s History: IVM Podcasts Announce ‘A Century Of Stories’


IVM Podcasts, India’s leading podcasting network, has announced an insightful and captivating podcast series titled A Century Of Stories. The podcast is set to launch on August 14, 2023, and promises to take listeners on an immersive journey through India’s rich history.

The podcast will be hosted by Kunal Vijayakar, a multifaceted figure renowned as a broadcaster, food writer, author, actor, and television personality. A Century Of Stories stands as an exceptional voyage, expertly curated to unveil both familiar and hidden narratives of India. Kunal’s unique storytelling prowess will seamlessly transport listeners through time, offering a captivating perspective on India’s history. With his captivating narration, he will throw light on both the celebrated landmarks and hidden gems that have contributed to the tapestry of India’s past.

From the remarkable first steps of ISRO to the uncelebrated heroes of IPL, Kunal Vijayakar will delve into the behind-the-scenes moments that have profoundly shaped modern India. The podcast series aims to bring these stories to life, providing a fresh perspective on historical events and celebrating the essence of the nation. The podcast will take audiences through 100 stories of India. Some of the episodes will touch on The Birth Of Our National Anthem, 1983 World Cup, AMUL Girl and a host of other iconic tales that shaped India.

Kunal Vijayakar, the host of the podcast said “History isn’t just about events; it’s about the people, emotions, and moments that define a nation. These stories are more than mere historical accounts, they are the echoes of a nation’s journey through time. I am excited to uncover the some known and some forgotten gems of India’s past through this podcast.”

Kavita Rajwade, Co-Founder, IVM Podcasts- Pratilipi said “We aim to provide audiences with a unique perspective on India’s history, showcasing the human stories that have shaped our nation. This podcast marks an exciting opportunity to bring these incredible narratives to a wider audience. Our present needs to know our past in a more intimate way, which is what we are trying to offer with A Century Of Stories”

Sanjeev Mehta, Business Head, IVM Podcasts- Pratilipi said “ We create content for our partners that will not only entertain and engage audiences but also deliver the brand partner’s message or values seamlessly”

Catch the first episode live today on ‘A Century Of Stories’ YouTube channel and all leading audio streaming platforms.

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