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Actor Prakash Raj narrates his first audiobook based on pastoral politics

MediaInfoline June 11, 2020

Stories always make for a great escape. With the onset of monsoon, we bring to you a story which will take you back in time.

Written by noted author Anita Nair and narrated by Actor Prakash Raj, The little Duck girl is a state-of-the-nation story that sensitively but unflinchingly  explores the idea of who we are as a people.

Shree Raman, or Maash as he is known, leads a quiet life in his village in Kerala where nothing ever happens. Until one December dawn, when the ducks and the little duck girl, not so little any more, return to the village after several years of absence and light up Maash’s life again.

The year is 2019, the Indian Parliament has passed the Citizenship Amendment Act  and the question of identity– especially religious identity–is at the forefront of everything. Suddenly, everyone wants to know: who is this duck girl, where does she come from, who does she pray to? In a matter of days, Maash finds himself in the middle of a conflict he couldn’t have foreseen.

Author Anita Nair, quotes:- “This wasn’t a story I planned to write. But as the anti CAA agitations grew in strength, it made me question where  people like me (and a large part of India ) who are not affected by the Act stand.This story was born out of my compulsion to talk about the perils of complacency. And even as I was writing it, I knew that just one actor would be able to do justice to it. Prakash Raj. And so it happened to my utter delight. “

Prakash Raj says “The little duck girl is a story of our times, it’s a story about us and that’s what touched me and excited me to narrate this story. When a writer says you are walking in a dark street, I walked the dark streets I know, it gives me the freedom to live, experience with what I can and what I have been. Before we see the story in somebody else’s eye it’s more important that we see it through our imagination. I would like to thank Storytel for giving me this opportunity to read a story, a little aloud..”

“The Duck Girl” was released on 9th June 2020 exclusively on Storytel.

Storytel is an audiobook application where one gets unlimited access to stories anytime anywhere. Literary enthusiasts can look forward to some of the much sought-after titles on the app, and with promise of thousands and thousands of international titles updated everyday. Storytel India provides a platform to established as well as young writers to create original series in Indian languages that take listeners into a new and exciting world of stories.

Pricing: The first 14 days are free for subscribers, and post which there is a subscription fee of INR 299. Under a monthly subscription, the subscriber gets access to unlimited stories in 9 languages( English, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada)

Availability: Storytel is available on both Google Play store and iOS App store


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