Aditya Chopra & Rani Mukherjee Were Meant To Be? Find out on BFFs with Vogue


With Valentine’s Day feels still in the air, we have another ‘awww’ story for you. Did you know that the Bollywood couple who had many speculations about their relationship had first met professionally during the casting of the film “Mujhse Dosti Karoge”. Back in the day, while the Yash Raj Productions film was finding its actors, Aditya Chopra was quite interested in casting Rani Mukherjee for the role.

However, while Aditya faced pressure from many people to NOT cast Rani Mukherjee as they thought she wasn’t good enough to play the part. However, he still went ahead & casted her because he saw caliber in her and had faith in her talent. From that decision to then having one thing lead to another, they finally got married and have a gorgeous daughter, Adira. On the show BFFs With Vogue on COLORS INFINITY, speaking on this, Rani Mukherjee mentioned, “After having faced failure for a couple of my films, luckily Mujhse Dosti Karoge happened & that’s when I met Adi first time professionally. He told me that I’m doing a couple of crap films & that people have pressured him not to take me because they think you don’t have the equity for a Yash Raj film but Adi had had belief in my talent & me and thought that I was good for the part. My mother & I have been very upfront people always & I like frankness and openness so I like the fact that he was on my face.”

We hear about a lot of relationships within the industry, some fading away and some lasting a lifetime. Rani-Adi are one such couple that probably never thought during that casting meeting that they would end up being friends, falling for each other and eventually getting married. Seems to us that some things are just meant to be or in the true Bollywood cliché spirit, “pyaar dostii hai!”

To find out more, tune into Jeep presents BFFs with Vogue, powered by Motorola, beauty partner Nykaa on Saturday, 17th February at 8 PM only on COLORS INFINITY.

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