Amazon Prime Video presents a Blockbuster Summer line up for kids


Amazon Prime Video is all set to entertain kids this summer with a summer blockbuster line up of brand new shows and seasons. Treat your little ones to the latest shows on Prime Video in the comfort of their homes. From hilarious comedy, to action-adventure to stories about friendship, Amazon Prime Video’s summer holidays lineup has got it all covered.

Children can enjoy the best in kids’ entertainment with four brand new shows named ‘Atchoo’, ‘Astra Force’ which features Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, ‘Munki and Trunk’ and ‘Zak Storm’.  From May 19, kids can start watching a brand new episode of Baahubali: The Lost Legends every week.

“Amazon Prime Video in India is the home of the best of kids’ entertainment content from India and the rest of the world; the preferred entertainment choice for kids and their families in India,” said Nitesh Kripalani, Director and Country Head, Amazon Video India. “Our summer blockbuster lineup is geared to entertain kids this summer with characters they love and can watch anywhere, anytime in a safe and ad-free environment.”

New shows on Prime Video

Baahubali: The Lost Legends

Before the war with the Kalakeya. Before Katappa killed Baahubali. Before the death of Sivagami. Two young brothers competed for the throne. One would go on to become king, and the other would go on to become a legend. Experience the secret stories from the world of Baahubali in this all new animated series – kids can watch new episodes every week starting May 19.  Available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Atchoo (Season 1)

The story of Teo, a 9 year old boy who has a strange way of expressing his emotions; he turns into an animal, every time he sneezes. How his transformation essentially creates troubles in his life and brings the house down in effect is essentially the crux of the plot of the show.  Available in both English and Hindi.

Astra Force

The first animated show featuring Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role as an animated mythical hero, Astra The Immortal.  When two 8-year old twins accidentally awaken an ancient super-warrior from the past, they must join him in saving the world from a new wave of giant monsters and supervillains determined to rule the universe.  This funny, fast-paced, action-adventure, superhero series is available in both English and Hindi only on Amazon Prime Video.

Munki and Trunk (Season 1)

One is Crafty. The other is Caring. But they are the best of friends. No matter if they are facing rolling boulders. Bouncing mushrooms or grumpy hedgehogs – they do it together. Giggling all the way.  Catch Munki & Trunk in English and Hindi from June 1, 2017

Zak Storm

From the makers of Ben 10, Big Hero 6, Zak Storm is the new leading action franchise, set in the Bermuda Triangle with Pirates, Aliens, great adventures and comedy.  Catch Zak Storm in English and Hindi from June 1, 2017

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