Scores A Distinction With Their New Parody Song that showcases the freshest and best college talent, joined hands with ThoughtScoot, a digital content platform to take a lighter look at this world. .

Following the story of three academically ‘average’ students, each with a dream and the belief to fulfill it, the talented young bunch composed a parody to OneRepublic’s popular track, ‘Counting Stars’. Their song ‘Counting Marks’ features Devashri Manohar, a student from Jai Hind College and Gaurav Gambhir aka D-Cypher, one of India’s finest – beatboxers. In the song, the students effectively communicate the pressure they feel because of remarks passed by society. With smooth vocals and relatable lyrics, this song strikes a perfect chord with college-bound millennials.

“Why am I feeling so wrong, doing the right thing? I, wanna feel so right, doing just my thing”

Ever since inception, has been part of the growing change, encouraging and enabling college students to follow their passions, and his now a home for the pioneering young talent across genres of performing, literary and fine arts in the country.

Says Tanya Malik, Editor of, “As a recent student, I know how agonizing the exam and admissions pressure can be. When I first heard the song, I instantly related to it . The good thing is, , today the extra-curricular activities are no longer forced to take a back seat with some universities even creating separate Talent Quotas. . is built on the belief that there needs to be balance between studies and passion. We will continue espousing and encouraging this with our actions as well as message-led content. .’’

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