Audio Series Dominate Entertainment Consumption, Stimulating Binge-Listening Behavior

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Audio series have become the preferred choice for entertainment consumption, surpassing video content, according to a survey by Pocket FM. The survey also revealed that users spend more time on audio than video, with audio series stimulating binge-listening behavior.


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The Rise of Audio Series: Redefining Entertainment Consumption

In an era saturated with screens and visual content, it is refreshing to witness the revival of audio entertainment. The recent survey conducted by Pocket FM sheds light on the shifting consumer preferences towards audio content, presenting us with a positive outlook on the future of this medium.

One of the standout findings of the survey is the remarkable rise of audio series as mainstream entertainment. These serialized audio fiction stories have captured the imagination of listeners, leading to a surge in binge-listening behavior. With users spending an average of 140 minutes daily on audio series, it has become evident that this format has the power to captivate and engage audiences like never before.

Furthermore, the survey highlights the financial investment that consumers are willing to make in audio content. Nearly half of the respondents indicated that they are willing to pay for high-quality audio experiences, emphasizing the value they place on engaging and premium content. This presents a significant opportunity for content creators and platforms to innovate and provide diverse, high-quality audio offerings that cater to the evolving preferences of the audience.

Contrary to popular belief, audio content is not just limited to commutes. The survey reveals that people now engage with audio across various daily activities, ranging from cooking and household chores to work and fitness routines. This shift in behavior indicates that audio has become an integral part of people’s lives, offering an immersive and versatile form of entertainment.

Interestingly, the survey also reveals that audio consumption surpasses video consumption in terms of daily engagement. This signifies a change in the digital landscape, where viewers are now seeking a break from screen fatigue and turning to audio as a refreshing alternative. With over 30% of respondents spending more than 30 minutes on video OTT platforms for content discovery, it is evident that audio has become a preferred choice for many.

As the audio industry continues to evolve, there is a need for constant innovation and the development of newer formats that deliver captivating experiences. The rise of audio series presents tremendous opportunities for storytellers, audio platform providers, and advertisers to tap into the growing demand for immersive audio content.

Overall, the findings of this survey are encouraging for the audio industry, signaling a renewed interest and appreciation for this often overlooked form of entertainment. With audiences embracing audio series and making it a part of their daily routines, the future looks bright for audio content creators and platforms. The time is ripe for the industry to push boundaries, experiment with new formats, and provide compelling audio experiences that resonate deeply with listeners.


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Audio series becomes mainstream entertainment; Binge listening is on the rise: Pocket FM Survey

Audio OTT platform, Pocket FM has revealed the findings of its entertainment consumption survey Digital Entertainment Insights: The Revival of Audio Entertainment. The survey revealed a remarkable shift in consumer preferences towards audio content. It highlighted that users now spend more time on audio than video, with audio series emerging as the most consumed category, stimulating the binge-listening behaviour in entertainment content.

In today’s digital age, where screen fatigue has become increasingly prevalent, audio entertainment has witnessed an unprecedented upsurge. While initially, audio space encompassed music, audiobooks, and podcasts, the year 2021 witnessed the emergence of audio series as audio entertainment.

Audio Series – Becoming mainstream entertainment

The survey findings showcased the dominance of audio series as the preferred audio content format, accounting for 41% of overall consumption. Music followed closely with 29%, while audiobooks and podcasts were preferred by 20% and 10% of internet users, respectively.

What sets audio series apart is its ability to captivate listeners with its serialised audio fiction stories, stimulating binge-listening behaviour among the users. On average, users spend 140 minutes daily on audio series, which is higher than music (67 mins), audiobooks (35 mins), and podcasts (50 mins).

According to the survey, 44% of users pay for audio content. Among them, 33% indicated a monthly expenditure of over Rs.300, while 13% allocated between Rs.100 and Rs.300 and 54% spent less than Rs.100 per month.

Not just a commute-medium anymore

Contrary to popular belief that audio content is predominantly consumed during commutes, the survey revealed that people engage with audio across various daily activities. It was found that 23% listen to the audio while cooking and 12% while carrying out household chores. 25% people listen to audio during work hours, 16% while commuting, and 15% during fitness activities. Moreover, 33% of respondents highlighted audio as a means to relax and unwind.

Regarding timing, the survey indicated that work hours dominate audio listening habits. Morning hours (6-9 am) witnessed a 30% engagement rate, followed by a significant 55% during the most productive period of the day – 9 am to 6 pm. This strongly indicates consistent consumption of audio entertainment while people are doing household chores, commuting for work, and, most importantly, while at work. Evening hours accounted for 21%, while leisure hours at night accounted for 32% (9 pm – 6 am).

Over 30 minutes on Video OTTs for content discovery?

Interestingly, the survey revealed that people spend more time on audio than video. While 57% of respondents watch less than 60 minutes of video OTT content per day, 18% dedicate over two hours to video consumption daily. Moreover, 43% spend over 30 minutes on video OTT platforms for content discovery.

Speaking on the findings of its Digital Entertainment Insights, Shubh Bansal, VP – Growth, Pocket FM, said, “The survey findings reveal a compelling shift in consumer behaviour, with audio content surpassing video in terms of daily engagement. It is evident that audio series has become the preferred choice, stimulating binge-listening habits among listeners. As the digital world grapples with screen fatigue, the upsurge in audio entertainment is no surprise.”

Bansal further added, “It is also intriguing to note that nearly half of the users are willing to invest in audio content, highlighting the value they place on engaging and premium experiences. These insights emphasise the need to adapt and provide diverse, high-quality content that caters to the changing preferences and demands of the audience. It is an exciting time for the audio industry to evolve and innovate with newer formats that deliver captivating audio experiences and resonate deeply with the users.”

An online survey was conducted between 23rd April and 9th May this year among 9616 internet users from India, who are actively consuming entertainment content on video and audio OTTs. 55% of the respondents are male, while 45% are female. About 80% of respondents are from 18-35 years age group, and the rest 20% are older than 35 years.


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