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B4U Bhojpuri brings World Television Premiere, ‘Ashirvad Chhati Maiya ke’

MediaInfoline October 11, 2019

B4U Bhojpuri channel brings this festive season, a new Bhojpuri film, “Ashirvad Chhati Maiya ke” on India’s no.1 Bhojpuri channel, B4U Bhojpuri.

The film revolves around Chhat puja, an Indian festival, and its importance by showing a few glimpses of the religious faith and culture that is found in the Hindu families of North India. According to the channel sources, the movie will be based on faith and miracles of chhat puja. The film depicts the miraculous transformation of a middle-class family and how chhat puja changed their lives from a sad unhappy life to a happy one. Along with that, the movie tells the importance of chhat festival by depicting the struggles of a woman and her infinite faith in Chhati Devi.

Famous Bhojpuri actor, Aditya Ojha, who is seen in the films like Sugna-2, Garam Masala, Shaadi kar ke fass gaya yar will be seen playing the lead role in Ashirwad Chhati Maiya ke. He will be sharing the screen with famous Bhojpuri actress Kajal Yadav, who had been in the news for working with Khesari Lal Yadav, in the past year.

Ashirvad Chhati Maiya ke, is produced in the association of Neelabh Tiwari Films by Ishaan Saxena, Sanjay Agrawal, and Sunil Shah and it is directed by, Sujit Verma. It will be the first film of its kind to be presented exclusively as World Television premiere on B4U Bhojpuri.


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