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Star Youtuber Bhuvan Bam’s Digital Associations With Celebrated Brands

MediaInfoline March 22, 2019

In the present digital age, all the content consumed is via the internet and social media platforms wherein a number of creators are emerging, giving the viewers diverse material to binge on. So much so that brands are now looking to expand their reach and target audience by approaching digital stars to engage their viewers. Stories of such collaborations between a YouTuber and brands are those of ‘Tissot’ & ‘Beardo’ with Bhuvan Bam.

Bhuvan Bam The YouTuber/Musician/Entrepreneur 

When one thinks of appealing to an audience digitally via an existing sensation online, the first name that comes to mind is India’s beloved YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam of ‘BB Ki Vines’. Bhuvan, who started his channel with handful followers, playing various characters in the setup of a middle-class family based off of his own household, rose to fame because of his vines and has devout followers in India and neighboring countries.

In addition to being a YouTuber, an entrepreneur with his brand ‘Youthiapa’, Bhuvan is also dabbling into music with his original compositions, which was originally the dream before he got into making videos.

So, to strengthen their consumer connect and explore a section of consumers that wasn’t necessarily tapped before, renowned brands like Tissot, Beardo etc. respectively engage with  Bhuvan to effectively promote new products online.

Why Bhuvan?

Bhuvan’s claim to fame is his channel BB Ki Vines that portrays relatable characters of a middle-class family. His audience is mainly teenagers and young adults who consume his content on the daily, making his fan-base larger than that of a number of Bollywood celebrities as well. If a brand can leverage his fame and have his audience on board with their product, it opens up avenues for them to have higher recall value.

“We are a digital-first brand. Digital marketing is and will be our first priority since we have spread our wings through it, and it’s only going to get more powerful from here. It is the only one that makes us reach directly to our audience and lets us see the results instantaneously” states Ashutosh Valani, Co-founder, Beardo. “There is a specific consumer profile that we want to target and i.e. men between 15-25 years and there is no better candidate than Bhuvan in this category. With his digital association, we aim to reach our potential consumers and bring forth our products with his comic and relatable narrative and build an approachable and fun-loving brand personality”.

Being the only Indian YouTuber to engage with such distinguished brands, Bhuvan is on his way to becoming the prime choice of brands when it comes to being the face of young, fun & trendy products.


These collaborations of famed brands with praised YouTuber Bhuvan Bam go on to show us that brands are now moving on from the regular approaches to promoting their products to their audiences. They are paving the way for more companies to reach out to influencers to come on board as bellwethers in the digital space and not just one-time barter collaborators.


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