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Black Shadow and Singham confronts each other in ‘Little Singham Ki Black Shadow Se Takkar’


Action-packed Discovery Kids’ brand-new movie- ‘Little Singham Ki Black Shadow Se Takkar’ produced in collaboration with Reliance Animation & Rohit Shetty Picturez is an action-packed suspense drama. This Mother’s Day is surely going to be a treat as your favorite and India’s youngest super cop is back on a mission, and this time we solve the biggest mystery revolving around the character ‘Who is Little Singham’s mother’?


Wondering who is Black Shadow? The suspense is unveiled in the most spectacular fashion. It all starts when Little Singham’s mentor ‘Faulad Singh’ gets captured and classified secret documents get stolen by a rogue ex-secret service agent Black Shadow. Little Singham pursues her across international borders and challenges her at every stage, in order to stop her from acquiring crucial parts to build a top-secret weapon of destruction. Little does he know that he has been played against Black Shadow, who is his own mother (secret revealed!!). An A-class secret agent, patriot to the core, proficient in many forms of martial arts, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and style which could inspire Little Singham, after all, she is the mother. Black Shadow has been undercover all the time without Little Singham’s knowledge, and they are both perusing the same mission to protect India against a common enemy Mr X.


Uttam Pal Singh, Head of Discovery Kids said, “’Who is Little Singham’s mother?’ probably the most asked question by our kids and parents’ audience. Little Singham has been entertaining and inspiring kids for over 3 years now. Through this wonderful journey of numerous episodes and movies, we have tried to introduce new themes and characters to the universe. However, introducing Little Singham’s mother’s character – who is equally strong, inspiring, and caring as Little Singham was a challenge. We worked extensively with our core writers and development team before we were confident about the approach. Ek Sher ki maa, Sherni hi ho sakti hai! I believe our team has done a fantastic job in bringing this character to life in a brand-new movie and have tried answering the most awaited question in the sincerest and most thrilling manner.”  

Tejonidhi Bhandare, CEO, Reliance Animation, said “We are excited to bring yet another adventure from one of our most successful franchise, Little Singham, to the Discovery Kids Channel. The real challenge for the team was to conceptualize Black Shadow’s character in order to establish the dichotomy of its emotional graph. We had to develop a personality that is first perceived as the biggest threat to a revelation of her being Little Singham’s greatest support. It was an interesting task to create an onscreen mother-son camaraderie with an overarching emotion of victory in nation’s interest”.


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