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Bollywood, Hollywood & now comes…Dollywood Play

MediaInfoline June 10, 2020

Hindi content consumption has grown a record 94 per cent year-on-year compared to just 19 per cent for English content. Not all Indian movies are masala, but most masala movies are uniquely Indian.Hindi dubbed masala films are now occupying prime time slots on TV. Dollywood Play celebrates these Hindi dubbed movie fans from across the country, and now has given them a platform in Dollywood Play to easily discover and watch their favorite movies on android, iOS and web.

With consumption of Hindi content skyrocketing on the web, there has never been a better time to launch a Hindi dubbed movie platform for the Hindi heartland of India.WAMINDIA (Wide Angle Media Pvt. Ltd.), one of the prominent content distribution companies in India and, Digital Convergence Technologies &dcaféIndia Pvt.a leading video streaming & OTT product company have joined hands to form ‘Dollywood Digitainment’ to launch their video streaming platform Dollywood Play – AB SAB DUB.

Touted as India’s only dedicated Hindi Dubbed platform, Dollywood Play will feature a wide range of Full Movies, Mini Movies(20 minutes’ version of full-length movies), Clips (Comedy, Action, Hot scenes) and Music videos. Users can now easily download the android/iOS app or visit to start watching.

Dollywood Play spends a lot of time curating its content to best suit the viewer’s preferences and taste. When a viewer logs in to Dollywood Play, content discovery is easy and with details including story synopsis, cast and crew, release date and more. With offline download available viewers can now watch their favorite movies in their preferred qualities and time. From genre selection,spot on recommendations, alerts and relevant notifications, Dollywood Play is stuffed with features aimed at movie lovers. Essentially, this platform is created to satisfy its subscribers as opposed to putting them off with features and functionalities which may not be relevant to them.

Aneesh Dev, Founder-Director of WAMINDIA says “Dollywood Play aims to reach the user beyond the metros. It caters to Bharat and not India, the 75% that does not live in urban areas. It is for viewers whose watching preferences are not limited to the niche English speaking audience. We have a vast library of entertaining action-packed movies and regularly acquire new movies to ensure there will be new content added every week including Exclusive Digital Premieres.”

Speaking about the partnership with dcafé he adds, “dcafé’s agility and speed of innovation is what attracted us to them. We have the content, audience and the scale, and they have the technology. It is a greatfit. There were complex solutions we were trying to build for all specific areas of Dollywood Play – from sign-ins and subscriptions to video compression, search, and offline downloads. dcafé has been able to combine all the tech, which has led us to create a better end user experience.”

One of the biggest challenges with digital entertainment is, “content delivery”. There are multiple issues from poor bandwidth to low-end devices. More so in India, the sheer size of the audience presents OTT operators with numerous obstacles to deal with.

Vineet Dhawan, CEO dcafé LLP shares, “Masala films are the cinematic equivalent of the mélange of spices used in Indian cooking that provide the name. With multiple genres included simultaneously — let’s say, a romance subplot intermingled with a comedy piece, and added melodrama all alternating under the auspices of an action adventure main plot. Everything is heightened; the hero’s heroism, the heroine’s beauty, the villain’s evil. And this is exactly the type of entertainment a viewer can expect when he enters our platform.”

Taking about the technology behind the platform, Vineet adds, “With our innovative tech solutions, we will help Dollywood Play acquire new users faster, increase cross-screen engagement, improve personalized search, fine-tune outreach campaigns, capture the right time to engage with users and much more.”


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