Budweiser launches three short films: Masaba Gupta, Dualist Inquiry, Robin Singh – The Hard Way Series


As a part of its on-going campaign, Brewed The Hard Way (BTHW), Budweiser, the world’s most valuable beer brand, announces a series of digital films showcasing the inspirational success stories of fashionista Masaba Gupta, Indian team footballer Robin Singh and a genre breaking EDM artist, Dualist Inquiry a.k.a Sahej Bakshi. These films effectively capture the values of ambition, authenticity, and freedom values which have driven these individuals to successfully carve out a niche for themselves.

Budweiser’s campaign, BTHW, attempts to reach out to young adults who live life on their own terms, pursue their passion with conviction, and walk through the world with a confidence that only comes from knowing who you truly are. The campaign that began with the launch of Budweiser’s global videos aims to bring to life key brand values like freedom, ambition, and authenticity.

Speaking about the digital series, Kartikeya Sharma, Marketing Director, AB InBev, India & South East Asia said, “Budweiser is a beer that is brewed on its own terms, for people who live on their own terms. Our campaign, Brewed The Hard Way, is a call out to those individuals, who embody values like ambition, authenticity and freedom.  Personalities like Masaba Gupta, Robin Singh, and Sahej Bakshi are youth icons who have brilliantly demonstrated these values and philosophy, in the manner in which they have achieved success. We are happy to partner with them and hope their journeys inspire many more.”

Ace fashion designer, Masaba Gupta, said, “The common notion is that if you are a celebrity kid you’ve had it easy. But that’s not true at all. Everyone has their struggles and so did I. And the only way I could prove myself was to be as authentic as I possibly could, to let people see the real me through my designs. I let my work do the talking, which is why I’m glad to associate with Brewed the Hard Way campaign. It’s a great initiative to inspire people to work tirelessly towards what they are passionate about and stay true to themselves.”

Indian National Striker, Robin Singh said “Ever since I was young, I had always dreamt of making a mark as one of the best football players in the country. I knew it was going to be an arduous journey given that cricket as a sport was almost a religion in India. I took that on as a challenge and trained hard every single day and every single game to get to where I am today. I believe when you have a goal in mind, you have to believe in yourself and work hard to accomplish it. I hope the “Brewed the Hard Way” campaign inspires people to passionately work towards fulfilling their ambition and achieve greater heights in their spheres of work.”

Dualist Inquiry a.k.a Sahej Bakshi said, “The indie electronic scene in the country is booming, and I think it’s really important to have the freedom to explore this music fully, to be able to carve one’s own niche. I’m lucky to have had this freedom, and am always pushing myself to find new sounds, and new ways to express through music. I am glad to associate with the Brewed the Hard Way campaign and hope this campaign encourages people to find their freedom and let their dreams come true.”

The films will be released via the Budweiser’s social media and digital platforms. The films were conceptualized and produced by the brand’s digital marketing agency, DigitasLBI.

Upasana Roy, Head of Strategy, DigitasLBi India said, “Everyone loves to tell a success story; few tell it like it really happened. Budweiser knows first-hand, that it takes a long time to perfect one’s dream, and the process is one filled with a lot hard work and passion. This was the primary lens deployed through our creative process for this campaign. In our creative journey, we chose to not focus on just the typical “before the fame” elements. Instead, we realized that each of the personalities have undergone an arduous process, one that needs to be continually repeated and perfected despite their success. This is what set them apart and made their inspiring narratives fit naturally into the philosophy of Brewed the Hard Way.”

Details of the creative team

  • Agency – DigitasLBi India
  • Upasana Roy – Head of Strategy
  • Bilal Ansari – Digital Strategist
  • Mikhail Verma – Associate Creative Director
  • Siddhi Desai – Associate Creative Director
  • Ashton Rodricks – Copy Supervisor
  • Smit Hindocha – Senior Associate Copywriter
  • Nabeel Lakhani – Associate Copywriter
  • Drishti Mehta    – Associate Copywriter
  • Shiamak Chhapger – Trainee Designer
  • Anusree Menon – Outreach Director
  • Ronald Fernandes – Associate Outreach Specialist
  • Adityan Kayalakal – Head, Key Accounts
  • Aakanksha Patel – Group Account Director
  • Pallavi Kamath – Senior Account Manager
  • Shashank Sharma – Associate Client Services

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