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Carnival Cinemas launches ‘MoviEcard @ just Rs. 149/- per month’ for the first time in India

MediaInfoline December 20, 2017

Carnival Cinemas has launched MoviEcard, India’s first ever revolutionary new movie subscription service for movie theatres which is available at just Rs. 149/-. The MoviEcard allows user to watch one movie a day from Monday to Thursday for 30 days revolutionizing and elevating the movie-going experience for all movie lovers. The MoviEcard is the ultimate accessory for all die-hard movie fans who love the magic of motion pictures on the big screen, giving its users access to 300 screens across 104 Carnival Cinemas in India. With new screens being constantly added thanks to the chain’s focused aggressive expansion, movie goers will have even more locations to choose from in the future.

MoviEcard created and launched by Carnival Cinemas is India’s first ever revolutionary new movie subscription service for movie theatres. With the MoviEcard, Carnival has raised the bar on innovation, encouraging consumers to come back to the movie theatres. Carnival Cinemas, aims to ‘democratize movie viewing experience’ by making it accessible to all movie lovers across the country. The intent is to be able to offer month long cinema entertainment at the cost of a single movie ticket.

Dr. Shrikant Bhasi, Chairman and Founder, Carnival Group said, “We’re a nation where movies are a way of life! The introduction of the new MoviEcard is for the sole purpose to allow consumers to enjoy the thrill of cinema on the format that it was meant to be experienced on, without breaking the bank. With MoviEcard we have demonstrated that we will continue to grow with innovation and consumer focused initiatives.”

Dina Mukherjee, CEO and Director, MoviEcard Sales Pvt Ltd, firmly believes that, “MoviEcard is a unique program, that intends to shift the audience from 5” screens to the real magic of 70mm silver screens. Our intent is for every Indian to be able to watch all new releases and every movie lover to have a MoviEcard allowing them to enjoy their favorite stars in all their cinematic glory. The card has been designed to integrate all aspects of entertainment including F&B with nominal costs so that everyone can enjoy the movie experience, all this and more at the cost of ONE MOVIE TICKET.”


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