Cyrus Sahukar explores the unexplored gems of India with Discovery’s Lost Essence S2

Cyrus Sahukar is back to explore the unexplored gems of India with Discovery’s Lost Essence S2

After the success of Lost Essence Season 1, Discovery Channel is back with its Season 2 and is all geared up to showcase the unexplored gems of India that are tucked away in the remotest corners of the country. The new season premiering on 30th November is sure to inspire conversations, capture imagination, and create awareness about these unexplored locations of India like the rugged valleys and mountains of Ladakh & Turtuk covering North and roaring beauty of ShillongMeghalaya &Manipur covering Northeast regions of India whilst taking one through a journey like never before!

To be hosted by a man of numerous talents who is also a travel enthusiast, Cyrus Sahukar would be unfolding some hidden facts and unexplored cultures and locations to bring the country’s lost essence to life. With roads that are not well-trodden, our anchor will also be encountering unmatched thrill and adventure while experience some authentic mouth-watering North East cuisines, learn old and rich culture of these places and meet some interesting people as he makes his way to the destination.

Sharing his experience on the show, Cyrus said, “This show has given me an experience of a lifetime. While the picturesque terrains, culture and food etched a place in my heart, this journey has thoroughly satisfied my inner travel enthusiast. I am thrilled by the fact that the world will now know more about these magical hidden gems that are travel friendly and were tucked away in the remote parts of the country. These places are sure to top the viewers’ travel list as the show uncovers the best kept secrets of India.”

Shaun Nanjappa, Head of Advertising Sales, South Asia, Discovery, Inc. said “India is one of the world’s largest, oldest, richest civilizations and is known for its abundant heritage. It is home to so much more than one has explored or aims to explore. This show is sure to inspire conversations on so many levels whilst the viewers discover the undiscovered”

The show has attracted marquee advertisers including Jeep. As the presenting sponsor and WhiteHat Jr. as the associated sponsor.

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