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Tale of a demonic orphan returns with its third instalment ‘Rings’ on &flix

MediaInfoline March 28, 2019

‘First you watch it. Then you die.’ A frightening clip of a young girl and a phone call cursing you to death – sound familiar? In yet another dreadful tale, the iconic horror franchise ‘The Ring’ returns with a terrifying third instalment ‘Rings’ which is set to air on &flix. Airing as a part of Scary Mornings, this supernatural thriller enables you to #LeapForth into the life of little Samara on Saturday, March 30 at 11AM.

After a twelve-year gap, the most sinister story of Samara reignites fear and sets all hell lose in the lives of Julia (Matilda Lutz) and her boyfriend (Alex Roe). The evil curse continues to take down many innocent lives until it reaches the hands of the young and naïve college student, Holt. Accidentally chancing upon the video tape, Holt attempts to watch the disturbing visuals, thus bringing himself on the radar of the wicked spirit. It is now up to his girlfriend Julia, to uncover the deeper meaning behind the video’s cryptic message and save both their lives!

What follows is a series of eerie incidents and near-to-death experiences in the lives of the two as they struggle to defeat the demonic terror haunting their lives! Will Julia decipher the hidden message and save her boyfriend?


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